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    Linked in the title is a thread from the DUmbass Parallel Universe.

    Now there are several things I don't like about the DU, chief among them being it is filled with "progressive" (read: WHINY, ELITEST FUCKHEAD) democrats, socialist morons that really don't understand the way the world works and other assorted wastes of humanity. Actually the only difference between a DUmbass and a roach is.....well, OK, so there really isn't much difference between a DUmbass and a roach, except we can use chemical warfare of roaches, but one can hope can't they

    So a tree-hugging, mentally, make that a tree-hugging retard, (Yes I said "tard", so WTF ya gonna do about it ya sniveling little PC bitches? Yeah, nothin'...s'what I thought) links to me begging his little friends from the DU to come fuck with me, so of course I step up and do what he didn't have the balls to do, which is confront him, (in a nice way, or so I thought) and take him to task.

    But the DU is not well known as a bastion of "FREE SPEECH", so they deleted my comments.

    Before I go any further I wish to point out a part of their "rules" (I say rules because they aren't rules, they are more like protocols for circling the wagons), and point out that it was Sir Nutless himself that FIRST broke a rule of theirs, specifically Rule # 2. That rule is;

    2. Civility: Treat other members with respect. Do not post personal attacks against other members of this discussion forum.

    Now, because he is a sniveling little coward that can't do his own dirty work because he is a major lib'rul wuss, he gets to attack me and I can't defend myself?

    Seems about right.

    The left NEVER wants to DEFEND America, or those that they deem as against them.

    And of course my posting "priviledges" have been revoked.

    So to everyone at the DU, from the founders, to the newest member that ISN'T a conservative surfing for blog material, I say you guys suck ass.

    Every single one of you. And every time one of you link to me I will continue to say it.

    And if you think I am cocky and belligerent now, just wait until the midterm elections roll around and you lose more power.

    When that happens I am so throwing a party, and then I am going to wipe my ass with the democratic underground posting rules.

    I may even email you a pic of that.

    And the call to whines that Sir Nutless put out? No takers.

    Not one comment.


    And since he was kind enough to post my name, (with an incorrect location I may add because he is a mentally challenged tard that doesn't know the geography in his own country) I will tell you his.

    It is "Christianne" least that is how the little faggy bastard pronounces it.

    So "Christianne"? You Faggy Bastard Tard. You seven sandwich eating Cum-Burping Gutter Slug. Spawn of The Saggy Breasted, Mattress Thrashing Whore of the Northwest Lumberjack Lesbian Pancake Eating Champion, this one's for you Wuss.

    Grow Some Fucking Balls, Man Up and pull your head out of your ass, because right now you are simply another BOY with an alligator mouth and a canary ass.
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