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    This upcoming monday night I am honored to host Media Orphan in the studio for some talk and some acoustic stuff that is sure to kick ass.

    I caught these guys recently in LA and they kick some ass.

    Fronted by Richard Petteys, whose vocals soared onstage at the Whiskey in LA last weekend, this youngster (20 years old) is a solid guitarist that brings a vibrant energy to the stage and draws in the crowd.

    Eddie Negrete ripped on guitar, and bounced around the stage like he had flubberized his shoes and sucked down a gallon of coffee.

    Eric Glenn on bass jammed along laying down a thumping line that literally had the room vibrating, and brought a quiet calm to the show, (YEAH, RIGHT!!!) while trying to look like he was actually working.

    And finally, Paul Almazan on drums kept a solid beat rollin' along, banging away with such fury at times that I was getting tired just watching him.

    These guys are tight, with a refreshing sound. Be sure to catch Did You Listen, the song that I think is going to blow you away.

    Tune in at Midnight Monday on, only on Kender Uncensored!!!
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