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    That's right, and you read it here first...well, second anyway.

    Osman Umarji, former president of the Muslim Student Union, speaking about the College Republicans and The United American Committee's student panel discussion on Islamic extremism equated the decision to display the prophet drawings to the debasement of Jews in Germany before the Holocaust.

    Finally, a muslim admits that they are exactly the same as the Jews.

    That must be what he's stating. He is equating the situation that the Jews were under during the run up to World War Two in Nazi Germany to the situation that muslims are living under in present day America.

    I can see such striking similarities. Why, before Hitler locked away all those damnable violent Jews they were running around sawing the heads off of germans and killing those hefty frauliens for eating pork sausage and whipping their hair about in the wind in a seductive manner.

    In fact, if Hitler hadn't locked all of the Jews away it is a well agreed on fact that they would have stormed over all of Europe by now, bringing their evil Joo ways to the world and demanding that everyone follow their religion, be second class citizens or die, and well we just couldn't have that now could we?

    Yes, the striking similarities between the Jews in pre WW2 nazi germany and todays muslim in the west is EXACTLY identical in almost every respect. The reactions to the violent rampaging Jews in pre WW2 germany was predictable. If we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. The violent Jews of pre WW2 germany met the end that was most befitting them, and, therefore, we cannot allow our peaceful muslim brethren to be dragged from their beds in this day and age and locked away in camps in the middle of the night.

    Surely this is what Osman Umarji is trying to say here. That the Jews in pre WW2 germany and the muslims of today are in the same boat, so to speak. Those poor, put upon muslims, peacefully toiling along in life, keeping to themselves and just trying to better their station in life. Not at all like the Jews in pre WW2 germany are they?
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