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    Stop the ACLU is one year old today. And if you consider the amazing year we have had after deciding to start a website devoted to bringing attention to an organization that has the wool pulled over the eyes of so many people, why, you would have to say, "Damn, you guys are hardheaded", and you would be right.

    In that year we have been linked my Michelle Malkin quite a bit, been told by Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit himself, that "demonizing the ACLU is a bit silly", found some serious trolls, (which are crunchy and good with lots of garlic), and made some good friends. In the TTLB we have shot up to number four at one point, and usually bounce around the top 25, and at this writing we are at #14 (Mortal Human). That is out of 51,010 blogs registered in the TTLB. This blog is only at #737, but given that there are over 50 thousand blogs registered in the TTLB, that is pretty damned good. I am in the top 2% of the TTLB. But STACLU, which I am a founding member of, is at #14. Not bad for one year, huh?

    Go on over there and wish 'em a happy bday, oh, and, it's Jay's bday too....(he started STACLU, it's his baby), so tell him happy birthday while you're there....jay is 29 today.....which unlike most women I know means he is really 29, and not 29 with 10 years of experience.
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