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    A roaring crowd of angry taxpayers descended on the California State Capital building on Wednesday, June 11th to let our elected officials know that we are indeed paying attention to them and they must learn to live within their means, not ours, and raising taxes is not going to be tolerated.

    Not coincidentally June 5th was the 30th anniversary of Prop. 13, the landmark ballot initiative that that saved Californians 528 BILLION over the years by capping property taxes at 1% of value.

    Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association a large crowd of angry taxpayers were outside yelling "No New Taxes" while California Senator Don "The Tax Man" Perata was inside saying "we're" (ED- meaning democrats) "proposing to raise taxes, when they say new revenues we're talking about raising taxes. Now we have ideas that we're gonna sit down and negotiate with our Republican colleagues" (ED- Yeah right THAT'S gonna happen) "we're gonna see if there's a range of negotiation that will bring us to closing this gap without completely destroying the State of California."

    The taxpayers of California have given more than enough. This state has tons of cash falling into our coffers, but its being spent badly, on programs we shouldn't even have. Instead of raising taxes let's start cutting programs. Start enforcing the immigration laws of this country. As an aside it is this authors opinion that the 14th Amendment needs to be re-interpreted and our immigration policies should fall in line with Canada's, which state that if your parents aren't legal citizens when you are born on Canadian soil, then neither are you.

    Folks, this PC attitude of "we gotta help everyone and if they're here they should have the same rights as us legal or not" is costing us billions of dollars in services, depressed wages and incarceration costs and we simply cannot afford it, and if we don't get a little sensible and selfish our state is going to be in serious trouble, and won't be able to provide it's CITIZENS any services much less the illegals. Illegal immigration is the one single costliest problem that we CAN solve, IF our legislators had the political cajones to stand up and solve it, but they don't, and half of them are in the pockets of the open borders and racist, anti-American groups like La Raza already (Fabian Nunez anyone?) and won't be doing anything to actually help this state recover from it's mismanaged financial mess anyway, unless you count helping themselves to more tax dollars as helping the state, in which case you would win that bet.

    California is the 48th worse state to do business in by the cost of doing business, and the 49th worse state in cost of living. SOURCE We simply cannot afford more taxes on the people OR the businesses in this state, and come August 1st (when we are supposedly broke and without a budget) we'll get to see the Dems in this state obstruct all sensible cuts the republicans propose and try to raise 11.5 billion in new taxes, and finally, MAYBE, we can make some headway and get these simpleton, tax and overspending suns o' bitches out of office and bring some fiscal responsibility back into government.

    Then again I could be dreaming, after all you know what they say, "Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups...especially on election day."
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