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    HEAR YE, HEAR YE, Be it known that your future leader, Barack "Hussein" Obama, Bearer of The Great Seal of the Candidate, Savior of the Union and All Around Great Guy has made a proclamation that actually drilling for oil offshore is simply a "gimmick" and won't lower fuel prices.

    He has also proclaimed that taxation upon the profits of oil companies to be redistributed in one thousand dollar increments to the "middle class" will ease the short term pain of paying over 4 dollars a gallon for gas.

    OK, now it's time for a WTF moment. Drilling is a gimmick just like surgery to remove a tumor is simply a diversionary tactic to distract the patient from the wizard in the corner casting Tumor-Be-Gone. Everybody knows that the real way you get oil out of the ground is to wish it up, right?

    Seriously, if we don't drill for it how are we going to extract it? Maybe we can get the Good Reverend Jeremiah "So Wrong" Wright to come yell at it until it surrenders and seeps out of the ground on it's own accord. Or maybe we can get Tony Rezko to get some of his guys to make an offer to the oil to get it to come out on its' own. Or maybe the Obamessiah can get Bill Ayers to go blow the oil out of the ground for him.

    Either way, stating that drilling for oil is a gimmick is insane and a lie and pandering to the envirowackos that want us to live in mud huts eating tofu to "Save nature."

    As for taxing the "record multi-billion dollar profits of the oil companies" there are two things to point out. One is that taxes are ALWAYS passed on in the price of goods and services and taxing the multi-billion dollar profits is simply a new tax on the people. The second thing to point out is those "record profits" came from record sales and the profit margin of the oil companies is running just under 10% which any business man worth his portfolio will tell you is acceptable but far from obscene.

    You wanna tax someone with obscene profits?

    Try Google. Almost 25%.

    Yahoo? Almost 15%.

    What about Microsoft? Almost 29% profit margin.

    By comparison Exxon Mobil is just over 10% profit margin.

    So is the government now going to dictate what the profit margin of a company can be? Are they going to dictate that after a certain profit margin is reached that all monies after that go to the government to dole out to the poor saps that have to deal with these rapacious companies that are sucking Joe Sixpack's pockets dry?

    Or is it just the evil oil companies that the government will go after for "obscene profits?"

    Take away those "obscene profits" and exploration and drilling and research into cleaner burning fuels will cease to exist. Either that or the oil companies will, on paper, start running at a loss.

    Only someone like a politician or an idiot would say raising taxes will cut prices and only a charlatan that has something up his sleeve would say that using the best accepted method for extracting oil is nothing more than a gimmick.

    So the only question I now have, given that "Our Savior" IS a politician and is expected to lie and pander is what does Barack Hussein Obama have up his Charlatanian sleeve?
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