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    I was going to leave the whole Ken Sherman thing alone but events have conspired to force my hand. I have been kind up to this point, and left it to the reader to decide about Ken, with the facts of the case presented albeit with my opinion attached.

    We must build this party back up from the ground up, and we must be vigilant about who we are backing for office, as conservatives, and make certain that those we back deserve our support and have earned the privilege of speaking for us. We must be unwavering in our principles, uncompromising in our integrity and honest about the people we are asking our fellow citizens to vote for come election day.

    That's why I am backing Armineh Chelebian and not Ken Sherman. I was pointed to Ken's site months ago, along with Armineh's and liked what I saw on Armineh's and thought Ken's was maybe just a place to hold his stuff while he had a real website created. After all, one of his friends on his myspace page is called "The Webmaster", so I figured Ken was having an actual website built and I waited for it to come up.

    It never did.

    Why it never did is beyond me. Maybe Ken doesn't have the money for design and hosting. Maybe he thinks it's cool to only have a website on myspace, trying to show himself as the hip new vanguard of modern politics. That would be a silly move. Kids don't vote, especially for teh Republican and especially in this district,

    Ken's run a shoddy campaign, with only two events posted since he put up a post stating he was running in February. He may have gone to other events, but they certainly weren't posted anywhere that I can find.

    Below you will find a screenshot (again) showing Ken Sherman promoting an event sponsored by MoveOn dot org, the virulently anti-war, far left group that demnads our troops be brought home in defeat immediately. No matter where you fall in the political spectrum in this country only a person that despises the U.S. and the Freedom we stand for would back a group that demands the defeat on the field of battle of the very troops that defend them.

    Does Ken Sherman support the troops? I am sure in his mind he thinks he does, but promoting an event by a group that so blatantly does not leaves many questions in the mind of most right thinking people. Perhaps Ken is simply misguided, and spending all that time around college kids made him think that promoting a moveon event was a wise move. But not one conservative worth their flag that I know would dream of promoting an event by moveon. Not One.

    Now remember Ken claims his website was hacked. That MAY be, but I personally don't believe it. Myspace is pretty secure, unless you are a idiot and use the same password for it that you use for other things AND you have, say, on older version of a wordpress site up AND someone was able to get your password by exploiting a flaw in the program. Go try to hack someone's myspace page and see how far you get.

    I think it more likely that Ken was misguided and didn't realize what being a conservative meant. I bet he understands a lot better now.

    So at this point you may be asking yourself why I am rehashing old news.

    Because Sean Fudge, Ken's campaign "manager" (and let me tell you this guy shouldn't be running a sidewalk lemonade stand much less a campaign for state office) is leaving comments places telling people they can call Ken personally for the truth. Go ahead call Ken, but before you do please click on the screenshot above and read the post by Ken promoting that moveon anti war event and when you call him ask him why he didn't post something about being hacked. While you are at it ask him why he doesn't have a real website. He isn't returning my calls at the moment, but that's probably because he is at "work" again. Maybe I should start checking the fast food joints at the west end of the valley huh?

    Add in the following that was posted on Ken's myspace page this morning;

    Important ! Fight for Ken with your Vote

    Hello 40 Th. district Voters and thanks for stopping by my Profile. You may have noticed a group off bloggers are saying some pretty unkind things about me. This is tactic we useally see from politicians who don't feel that thier campaign is going very well. All of the mud (can't even call them Accusations) is coming from people claiming to be unaffiliated with my opponent. This doe's not appear not to be true. The blogger who started this attack used language that sounded like it was repeated from a staunch supporter of my oppenet. I had met from Someone in the San Fernendo Valley Republican Party a few days after I announced my candidacy, He was unhappy that I did not inform I was running for The assembly seat and said I would not get official party support until I won the Primary. He also said the Democrats would fight dirty to keep this seat in their party.
    Unfortunetly This man a supporter of my opponent seems to be source of at least one negative story about me, and can be proved because he used his account for to pay for it.

    Anyways one blogger has been the source of much of what you may have read. He posted a Blog designed to damage my campaign. He claims and has had many other bloggers repost these lie's about me. This man has also been contacting me demanding answers to his lies and unkind comments about a man he has never met. I only asked he reveal his identity and I would think about answering his questions. He refused and went on to other bloggers who have never contacted me about any issues. I still don not know who the Blogger is.

    So to the hundred possibly thousands of whom I have met thru out this campaign I only ask you see thru there desperation and if you have any questions send an email with your phone and you get strait from the source.

    Thanks for you support It has been so nice to meet with you.

    Now as I have pointed out I have not lied. I have posted what I have seen, told you what I thought about it and why a conservative would not do what Ken has appeared to have done. My comments may be unkind, but that is because this party has gone to hell in a handbasket with a rocket booster on the back precisely because we have not been minding the store well enough. We cannot let people run for office in our party, in OUR NAME, who do NOT reflect us and the values and principles we stand behind.

    Dammit, if Ken Sherman reflects us as conservatives we simply do not deserve to be in charge. If he runs a campaign so badly how effective can he be in Sacramento? In three and a half months he has two announced events he attended, (not counting the ones he said he attended in his comments on his myspace page) both of them at GROCERY STORES. How many will he squeeze in before November if he wins on Tuesday? If history is any indicator maybe three?

    I guess you can forget the fact that this man who is asking you to vote for him and send him to a position of authority in Sacramento to handle your money and make laws that affect you is seems to be too lazy to compose a well thought out coherent thought. The mess of a post above is full of typos. Well, let's hope it's laziness. On the other hand he is probably a product of California public schools, which would explain why he called me and complained that I made people think he was a democrat when in reality I said he was acting like it.

    Aside from horrid grammar and questionable spelling his ability to read for comprehension seems to be lacking. Now I am not perfect on grammar, sentence structure or spelling all of the time either (a fact my editor girlfriend constantly points out) but I am not running for State Office. This man is going to be in a position to write legislation? I wonder if he'll write it in crayon?

    As of this writing his link to moveon is still up. So much for being hacked Ken, you lousy liar. He may not know how to take it down for all I know.

    Now before I go I want to point out a few things in Ken's latest screed;

    All of the mud (can't even call them Accusations) is coming from people claiming to be unaffiliated with my opponent. This doe's not appear not to be true.
    emphasis mine

    At least Ken is right about that. It is not not true that I am affiliated with his opponents campaign. I am completely unaffiliated with any campaign. I just call it like I see it.

    The blogger who started this attack used language.

    OK I admit it. I did. I used language to start my attack. But that's only because I believed that interpretive dance wouldn't get the message across effectively.

    This man a supporter of my opponent seems to be source of at least one negative story about me, and can be proved because he used his account for to pay for it.

    What this means is beyond me. If he writes this clearly now can you imagine what kind of laws he may try to write?

    Ken goes on to talk about not knowing who the blogger is that wrote the scurrilous truths about him. I offered to meet with him. In fact if he wants to meet me I will be at the monthly meeting of teh San Fernando Valley Republican Club tonight at 7 P.M. at Galpin Ford on Roscoe Blvd just east of the 405 Freeway. Feel free to come on down and meet me. I'll be wearing my black ballcap that says "MacGowan" on the front and "kender" on the back. I'm kinda short and our meetings get kinda crowded so if you don't see me just ask anyone if they have seen Kender.

    I will probably be hanging out with some other evil conservatives that demand a level of personal responsibility in their elected representatives, like Gary Aminoff or Vladimir Val Cymbal, cuz I roll like dat. I really don't expect to see you down there, but if you make it remember there's a 5 dollar event fee except for first time visitors and speakers. Since you are neither, Ken, and I know you must be strapped for cash after dumping soooo much of it into your campaign maybe Gary will waive your fee. I'd cover ya' bud, but it might be considered a donation, and I don't think I could look myself in the mirror for technically backing you in any way, shape or form.

    Ethics, ya' know?

    Well....maybe you don't.
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