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    Linked in the title is a chilling video showing a man being struck down by a car in the street in a hit and run accident. The largest daily paper from Hartford Connecticut had a large headline that read "SO INHUMANE" and said "We no longer have a moral compass."

    That fact that we have lost our moral compass in this country is not a secret, nor is it a new development and many things have contributed to it, chief among them being the secularization of society, for which the left and the ACLU must take major responsibility and the failure of our government to enact any kind of tort reform causing a veritable avalanche of lawsuits over the years that have caused people to refuse to take a risk that may get them sued.

    We have now a prevailing attitude that "government will take care of it" and it signals a serious breakdown in our humanity. Our very souls are being destroyed upon the altar of socialist ideals of government as caretaker, the result being that we will stand gawking over an elderly man run down in the street and not even bend over to offer him words of comfort in what must have been one of the worst moments in his life.

    This attitude is exactly what we can expect from ideals that place "the collective good" above the traditional independent American attitude of self reliance and personal liberty. The state becomes the entity responsible for the injured and downtrodden in society, negating our very human reaction of aiding those who have fallen in anyway shape or form, slowly building a callous upon our hearts that lead to a never ending feeling of unease that people wrongly attempt to have filled by demanding the government help even more people with ever increasing programs that suck even more money from our pockets and sap away those last vestiges of Freedom that we possess, dry up the last pockets in our souls that harbor a natural inclination of self determination and wither way the American Tradition of Personal Responsibility for oneself and ones fellow man.

    America lost a piece of her soul when She let Terry Schiavo die. That soul had been withering away since Roe v. Wade, hastened along by ever increasing abortion rates and a drive by The Socialist Left with the ACLU as vanguard to take Religion out of the public eye, stealing away the moral base that is the corner stone of humanity, and now we sit raptly watching a video of an elderly man run down in the street while hoping someone, anyone will come help him but it won't be me because I may get sued and isn't that someone else's job?

    I find the man circling him on the scooter before riding away to be the perfect metaphor of Americans today looking at the problems in this country, slowly circling for a quick look, just like they scan the news broadcast waiting for teh latest news on whatever teenie bopper diva is hot this week, then scooting off to errands deemed much more important than some anonymous person lying bleeding and broken in the street, after all we must get to the video store before the new releases are all scooped up and oh don't forget American Idol is on tonight and they're down to just THREE FINALISTS and did you see the new Sex In The City movie yet and oh little Susie has a recital on sunday yada yada yada...

    For Shame America.....For Shame.
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