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    Today my friend Robert G. used a phrase that got me to thinking. The phrase was "PelosiGas" in reference to the "Honorable" Nancy Pelosi, Demoncrat from 'Frisco (They hate it when ya call it that) who is Speaker of the House and said the President's call to drill offshore and in ANWR is a scam.

    How it is a scam to drill for our own oil is, quite honestly, so mindbogglingly far and away from any vestige of common sense that even the Hubble would have trouble seeing it, were it searching for common sense and not far flung galaxies.

    But that's neither here nor there for the purpose of this bit. You see, I have a plan, thanks in part to my pal Robert, and thanks in part to almost every politician out there, especially those on the left and this plan could wipe out our dependence on foreign oil, end the debacle of ethanol and cut greenhouse gasses 86.3789% in one fell swoop.

    We harvest the hot air and constant stream of gaseous output flowing from our politicians and convert it to fuel.

    Of course we'd have to build a special refinery or two, as the venomous fumes that flow from the mouths of the left is certainly going to be hard on the equipment but just from what we get from Kennedy, Murtha and Pelosi would make it a profitable venture. Add in Boxer, Feinstein and the rest of those gassbags and we'll have energy enough to spare, and can export it to third world countries that lack in that natural reso u....uuummm...well, anyway, the entire world can have tons of energy, as this natural resource seems to be rather plentiful.

    The best part of this plan is with a big bag strapped on their mouths to catch our new fuel supply our politicians won't be able to be heard so much anymore, which will of course do two things. One, political discourse in this country would be much nicer, and two, the lies would trickle to nothing.

    Of course, then the New York Times would have to go back to printing actual facts and real news, but hey, ya can't win 'em all eh?
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