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    First off I want to say that if a trashman wakes me up to give me a ticket I will be in alot more trouble than simply not recycling. Good thing that verbal assault is not yet against the law. Onward!!

    Recycling is good yeah? I get that. I am completely behind the idea of SOMEONE recycling things for money, as long as A) I don't have to haul things down to the recycling center, and B) I don't have to wonder, everytime I throw something away, "Does this recycle?"

    I toss my recyclables out...I don't have alot of them, but they get tossed. My city sorts them. So by not recycling I am creating jobs. You see? Recycling hurts the economy because you are taking jobs away from people. People that can stand all day and sort through trash to find the cans and bottles that should be recycled. These particualr jobs are usually city jobs, which means union wages most of the time. That means that when you sort and recycle your city has no reason to hire people that have this skill and pay them twelve bucks and hour to go through your nasty trash to find those soda cans.

    Here's another angle to consider.

    In some countries bands of homeless people live in the local dump, awaiting each days new trash so they can sort it and make a little money. Recycling hurts the homeless. We don't do that in America anymore. Most dumps I have been to have security guards and fences.
    I always thought that was strange. Let's fence in teh garbage so nobody can come steal it. I undertsand about liability issues, (i.e. I got hurt at your dump by trespassing and now I will sue), and I also understand about safety issues, (I got hurt at your dump because I am an idiot and now I am going to sue), but come one people, let's open up the dumps.

    Lets toss out the recyclables. Give the poor and chance. Give the homeless a place to go where they can be their own boss and have a chance to make some honest money without attacking your windshield at stop signs.

    Stop recycling folks. It is good for the bottle, good for the can, but bad for the economic situation of poor and homeless people.
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