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    If you are one of tender sensibilities and virgin ears I urge you, gentle and obviously new reader of this blog to skip ahead, check my links or exit this site. The link in the title has me beyond angry. Beyond pissed off. Beyond all caution and worry for the words I am about to spew out into the ether of cyberspace, so consider yourself warned.

    For many years now the dumbass environmentalists (fuck them with a huge splintery tree limb), have been whining, crying and suing left and right to force auto makers to build cleaner, more economic cars. Not once I'd wager have these USELESS FUCKS ever considered that more economic cars would lead to LESS FUEL TAXES!!!!!


    So now what are the planning to do??? The state, (not the envirofucknuts), wants to install GPS in cars and charge by the MILE!!!!!! WTF?????? They would put in a chip that allowed your odometer to communicate with the gas pump to calculate your tax everytime you refueled.

    Now I know I am going to sound like some fucking conspiracy theorist here but can anyone say BIG BROTHER??????

    Oregon, (fuck those dumbass backwards ass hicks too!!!!!), is already testing this system out, and alot of states are looking into this idea and keeping a close eye on what develops.

    I would rather see toll roads than this tracking shit. If they put a GPS into every car to play big brother then they better damn well also monitor cars when they get stolen. If they have the capability to monitor your car for taxes then they better be willing to catch these pieces of shit that steal cars and catch them within ten minutes of your car being reported stolen. At the very least they should be able to recover them that fast.

    They should also make penalties for GTA much harsher. Imagine if the state has the power to track your car to steal money from you, (taxes are theft) and can find your car instantaneously then auto theft will take up quite a bit of the cops time, so to discourage these scummy thieving bastards that prey on society and steal one of our most valuable and useful possessions penalties should be much harsher to make them think twice before stealing your car.

    Now, do you really think that states that adopt this system for tax purposes will repeal the current gas taxes already in place? Hell no. And how do you suppose they will calculate the new tax rate? I can tell you one thing. If they do this there will be alot less driving being done. People will only drive when the need arises. Tax revenue will fall even more than it has.

    The sierra club, (Useless seven sandwich eating gutter slugs the whole bunch of 'em), will love this idea. Force people to take the bus more, make 'em move closer together, stop urban sprawl. All of these things could very conceivably come to pass if this system is enacted. Imagine the hit on the economy if everyone decided that they would only drive when they absolutely had to and refused to go out and spend money on recreational pursuits.

    We should do that if it comes to pass. The American consumer is the single most powerful group on this planet. If a majority of the American consumers decided to stop spending money on everything but the neccesities for six months we could bring this country to its' knees. The economy would virtually grind to a halt. Of course it can't work that way because if everyone did that we would be out of a job for the most part. Then again what a clusterfuck for the government if everyone quit spending money and then were forced to go on unemployment as almost the same time.

    You fucking lefties want a socialist country? We could give you one, you whining, connniving, useless pieces of sewer flotsam. Keep on where you are headed, dickheads, taxing and taxing and taxing us to death. After six months with a bunch of people straining the unemployment rolls simply because they chose to only spend money on the basic necessities and caused a collapse of the system as a protest may finally show you asshats what those of us on the right understand. That a viable economy is one that is active, and taxing the hell out of us to pay for everything because your fucking bureaucracy is slow, bloated and overpaid for a job that the private sector does better and cheaper is a sure fire way to bring about your precious socialist country, where everyone is equal and ambition can be put down in favor of the Great American Nanny State.

    You probably don't see the connection between the story of GPS tracking in cars for tax purposes and the drive for a socialist state, but I do.

    Time to call the ACLU....AGAIN!!!!
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