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    ...if you could listen live to a right leaning internet talk show?

    First off thanks for clicking that about that Blogmachine huh? That is a great little add-on for any blog, and even if you hate my radio idea at least look into getting one for your even get to help design your own little flash sign customized for your blog using your idea....and now back to our show...

    One that you could call into live?

    How about if that talk show not only discussed events of the day from a rightwing perspective, but also highlighted bloggers?

    An internet radio station that was unconstrained by the normal limitations of regular radio, such as broadcasting distance, advertising considerations that may censor content and, at the moment, FCC considerations?

    What would you say to an internet radio station like that?

    Would you like that?

    And what if it had a musical bent dealing with only unsigned, independent artists, with an emphasis on something besides hip-hop, pop and other mainstream radio?

    Sound good to you?

    It sure does to me.

    I firmly believe that God places you where you need to be, when you need to be there, and one simply must be able to recognize the door when it gets flung open in front of you so you can run through and take advantage of what is in that room.

    I also believe that God puts us here to help each other.

    I have been in discussions with the owner of, which is linked in the title.

    They deal with indy music, and are branching out into other genres. I was approached by one of their agents who happens to be a fellow I know. He knows that I have alot of musician friends that just need an outlet, and thought I would like to do a show focusing on their music.

    I have a better idea. I want to do an internet radio talk show, with an outlook from the right side of the street.
    And I need your help.

    It will take, with location, (industrial unit) equipment and training plus support, (provided by, the parent company of, about 40,000 dollars to start this station.

    That will cover costs for awhile.

    I get between 50 and 60 hits a day, but there are millions of surfers out there.

    I want to spread the word about this idea. I want everybody to donate a dollar. One dollar. That isn't alot of money for a person to donate, but added up it puts us on the road to having an internet radio station that you can listen to at home or at work, one that will cover the issues mainstream radio won't cover. An internet radio station, streaming live to you wherever you may be in the world, that can give much needed attention to issues that guys like Limbaugh, Savage, Boortz, and others can't comment on through time constraints or advertiser consideration.

    Imagine Terri's fight with that much more weight behind it. Imagine the issues facing bloggers today (possible restrictions on our free speech) being given not only a voice on our blogs via the written word, but an actual live voice, bringing up-to-the-moment information through the speakers of, not only your computer, but computers around the world.

    Think about it.

    Then give me a dollar.

    There is a donation button higher up in the sidebar...thanks for your support.
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