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    There’s an old song that says “Love Hurts”; but there’s a new adage in our medically modern world that says “Life Costs”.

    LIFE COSTS!!!!!!
    Can you believe that after all the country has been through the last few weeks that this could have all been cleared up by simply pointing out that Life Costs? And since Life Costs it is in everyones best interests to let Terri die? After all Terri wouldn't want to be a burden right?

    I am going to use just a few quotes from this article. If any of you want to debate the finer points on it let me know.

    Florida lawmakers should bear that in mind as they conjure up a bill to keep Terry Schiavo forever alive -- as opposed to productively alive.

    Note that phrase, "productively alive". What did I say in the post beneath this one? Once your are no longer productive you will be given a pill and put to sleep, to make room for womeone that can be productive.

    Who pays when all the life-worshipping, meddlesome religious zealots, cite religious mores while insisting on prolonging a barren existence?

    BARREN EXISTENCE!!!! Perhaps once the death of the useless is common practice people that aren't able to reproduce will be next. Don't think so? It was once "heroic measures", then it was life support, then life support (feeding tube) and then onto life support (nutrition and hydration) and then finally to simply nutrition and hydration. Remember, the next time you eat you are enacting heroic measures to stay alive. Perhaps the state should make sure you are useful before they let you eat huh?

    Michael Schiavo's lawyer, George Felos, told reporters there once was a trust fund containing almost $800,000, won, of course, in a malpractice case, to support Terry Schiavo’s overwhelming medical expenses; that cash has been whittled down to near extinction.

    Mind you, this is an article that came out in march.....of 2005....yesterday I think, and still the falsehoods dangle out their like Slick Willys' Patented Intern Bait. Notice that Felos didn't mention that most of that money is in HIS bank, along with Greers campaign fund.

    Whatever Schiavo’ medical costs are and however much may have been sustained by private funds, there’ still the inevitability we find in many religiously driven fights for life: taxpayers and other individuals not similarly motivated are still drawn in, willing or not, to help subsidize someone else’s so-called moral choice. So praise the Lord and pass that hat -- a couple of times.

    I am confused. I thought the left were socialists. I would think that they'd have no problem with paying for things through taxes....oh yeah. That doesn't apply to "useless" people does it?

    Consider this: our collective obsession with end-of-life augmentation costs billions each year. The federal agency called Healthcare Research & Quality released a 2003 report showing that last-year-of-life expenses ate up 22 percent of all medical costs, 26 percent of Medicare expenses, 25 percent of the tab for Medicaid and 18 percent of all non-Medicare health-care costs.

    So let us put to sleep those that are at the end of their life, or reasonably close anyway. Hey, I have another idea to keep down the costs of health care. Let's just take it all back to the 1950s'. Limit it to rudimentary operations and "Take two aspirins and call me in the morning". See? I just saved us billions in healthcare and it would be easy to implement.

    That’s not to say we shouldn’t try to save lives when we can, or even use heroic measures when necessary. But when the patient is medically dead, when the doctors give up hope, it is no longer about saving a life.

    Why bother trying to save a life at all? I am serious here. We could save so much. And imagine the Darwinism in play. Full on survival of the fittest baby. You get pneumonia and don't live through it? Too were too weak. The collective is better off without your resource draining life. Good Riddance.

    So what would happen if the Religious Right so damned determined to see this woman live had to pay the bill? We’d see the plugs on those feeding tubes and respirators ripped out of the wall like a malfunctioning hot plate that had caught fire.

    No respirators. No feeding tubes. No antibiotics beyond basic penicillin. No MRIs. Basic healthcare from 1950 America.

    We could afford that. Most doctors couldn't, and would soon be driving cabs to make student loan payments. But man would we be rolling in money. At least the third world would get improved healthcare.
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