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    I liked it so much I brought it home with me and cleaned it up a bit, and now it is all shiny and fluffy and has big huge fangs of guilt.

    Today, the democrats, doing everything in their power to aid and abet the murder of Terri Schindler, have shown their true selves.

    They have shown our nation what they truly believe in, and it certainly goes against everything this great and proud country stands for in the world.

    They support abortion and starving innocent people to death but rail against the system that puts evil murderers to a rightful and justly deserved death.

    This is absurdity in its' purest form.

    This is evil unmasked.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you todays democratic party.

    The party that stands in any weather, sometimes miles from nowhere, at midnight, and protests when evil men are put to death.

    The party that claims to stand for the least of us, the downtrodden, the weak, the helpless.

    The party that stands in the way of saving an innocent life and screams "politics" as they block Congress from a noble attempt of great humanitarian justice.

    The party that has as it's symbol, most fittingly, a jackass.

    The left, today, more than any other day in our history, has shown how shallow and uncaring they are.

    Any that call themselves democrats this day should hang their head in shame, knowing that they have truly joined the ranks of the evil in history, to proudly stand beside such vile figures as hitler, stalin, mao and pol pot.

    Mark well this day. This is a day that will live in the minds of many people, not only here but from around the world. This is the day that the democrats said to the GOP, the American public and, indeed, the world "Fuck Terri Schiavo, we won't let you look like heroes."

    This is the day that their shallow and vile thoughts were exposed for all to see. Laid bare for the world to view, only to have the world shy back in horror at the stark ugliness of the truth of the democrats.

    Hang your head you bastards, you and your ilk are a dark stain on our great country, and indeed the world, and should this woman die from starvation, may you sleep well at night knowing that you have supported, aided and abetted the loss of Americas soul.
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