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    And to piss off anyone else that said the US was wrong to go into Iraq.

    As fast as information moves these days this is old news, but I am tossing in my nickel on the Freedom Epidemic that is spreading like gossip in the ME.

    As I noted here a few days ago George W. Bush unleashed that mean old Freedom Virus on the world, and it looks as if Ws secret biowar is working.

    Everytime I read these stories I break out in a smile (another side effect BTW of the Freedom Virus; smiling at good news) and feel a deep satisfaction about the situation.

    Not long ago we were being told, by Americans right here in our own country no less, that the Presidents war in Iraq was going to lead us down the road to destruction.
    We were told we would fail...We didn't.
    We were told the world would hate us...they already what?
    We were told we were only going to excacerbate the terrorist problem...we haven't.

    Some will argue this point, saying that another attack will happen, and it very well may. In fact, I would be surprised if it didn't. But with the FV spreading these evil cretins that hate us will have less places to hide. There will be fewer people that are willing to die simply to kill a few of us. Be assured that when the next attack comes that those that hate America, both in and out of the country, will once again dance with joy and gloat and say "Haha, told you so", and we will pick up and fight even harder.

    This is not going to be like WW1, WW2 or indeed, any war we have ever fought. There will be no defining moment that we can pinpoint as the end of the war on terrorism. We do have a starting date, but in reality the true starting date is much earlier than 9-11.

    This is going to be a long process. The proof will be in the pudding, and as freedom spreads around the globe slowly terrorism will die out, although it may take a few decades....maybe even closer to a century.

    But the recent and ongoing events in the ME are showing the Arab world that they too can be free. Free of dictators and despots. Free to build better countries. Free to think and say and do and even, to worship as they please. Just Free.

    That line has a nice ring doesn't it?

    Just Free!
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