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    Fuck you all with giant splintery sticks and no lube. You should all be very fucking ashamed of yourselves. Go live in the netherlands if you want to put helpless people to death!!!!!

    I fucking hate the dems. Hate them hate them hate them!!!!!!!!

    First you are blocking attempts to save terri's life. Special notice goes out to Barbara Boxer, a hateful spiteful shiteating bitch from california, (I hope she gets huge painful 'roids and her asshole drops to her ankles), and also to Ron Wyden, a treehugging donkey loving shitpot from that rainsoaked hole of oregon, may his nuts shrivel and his ass burn, and let's not forget Carl Levin, another asswipe dem but this one from michigan. Any other dems that tried to block this from happening I hope that the above befalls you also.

    Michael schiavo? Asshole.
    Judge Greer? Asshole.
    Felos? Asshole.
    All of you assholes. There is a special place in hell for folks like you. But since you probably don't believe in hell it doesn't matter to you. I hope you believe in reincarnation and in your next life you come back as some form of anal parasite in the asscrack of some bedridden diseased whore in the most backwater hole on this planet.

    How you can be against the death penalty for muredering scumsucking hosebags from the pits of hell but advocate and actually work to starve an innocent woman to death is beyond me.




    HELL NO!!!!!!!

    You folks simply don't want to be in power do you?

    You so love the underdog, (as long as you can play on their emotions and have them vote for you) that you now insist on permanently BEING the underdog.

    You all are the lowest form of creatures on this planet, equal to terrorists, aclu lawyers and the shit that sticks to the bottom of my shoe.

    Pond scum is absolutely a fine species next to you. As a party you are endangered species, and one I wouldn't raise a finger to protect.

    We won't forget your disdain for helpless incapacitated people next election. I will make it my personal mission to call attention to your scumsucking ways.

    FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!
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