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    My niece is 17.

    She speaks three languages.

    She has our Grandmas middle name.

    She has a black belt in tae kwon do.

    She stands up for what she believes is right.

    Case in point, an older brother of a troublesome classmate of my nieces' followed my niece onto the school bus one day, trying to pick a fight with her for standing up for another little girl that his little sister was picking on. It was a racial thing. I wish I could say it wasn't but the entire thing started with racial remarks.

    My niece is mixed.

    And I have never cared.

    I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She was born on New Years Day. My sister went into labor on New Years Eve and absolutely RUINED my party plans. I have never cared about that lost party...well not after I saw my niece.

    Back to the story....the boy walked on the bus, three years older than my niece, and tries to pick a fight. She warned him to get off of the bus and leave her alone.

    He made the mistake of poking her in the shoulder.

    She dropped him...and almost got expelled. My sister went to the school to defend her daughter, and the boy that she dropped came walking into the office with his father. Now at this point you should know that my sister was in Sicily with her family because my brother in law is a career Navy man, and was just put up for Chief, but that is another this kid walks in with his dad, who had to get him from the hospital apparently, and once the dad (USMC) found out that he actually tried to start a fight with a thirteen year old girl he got even madder than he already was at his son for getting his ass kicked.

    She didn't get expelled.

    I have always been inordinately proud of my family members, and my niece makes it easier all the time. If she never did another thing I would still be prouder than words could express.

    Now I have received word that she has been inducted into the National Honor Roll.

    As is her humble, unassuming way, she didn't call me to tell me that. Good thing too, because I probably would have cried upon hearing the news

    So if ever you fear for the future of our country, remember there are kids out there like my niece, kicking ass, taking names and doing it for all the "right" reasons.

    Here's to you Tiffany Mae....a big hug and a kiss from your overly proud uncle that loves you more than I can say.

    Rock On Baby!!!!!

    I just found out that my niece has actually been in the honor society for four years and is in the who's who of highschool students this year. I am learning all kinds of stuff today, and she was inducted into the national JR. Honors society in 2000.
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