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    This sordid little tale is another fine example of the ACLU butting in where they don't belong. Namely, in between parents, a school administration, and kids.

    The ACLU, now fully in the midst of their rush to destroy America, has asked a school to drop the punishments of some highschool athletes that were caught at a party where there were several kids cited for underage drinking.

    These kids and their parents, signed contracts with the school and knew full well that they were breaking the schools rules, not to mention the law, by being at a party and drinking underage.

    But now the ACLU steps in saying that these contracts that the kids and their parents signed voluntarily are null and void because this party happened after school hours and off of school property. No way. They signed these contracts voluntarily, knowing that to be allowed to play in the schools sports programs they needed to keep up a certain standard of behavior.

    Now they are being told, "Don't worry kids, consequences schmonsequences, you aren't subject to hold true to your words and shouldn't be held accountable for your actions that were unjustly and illegally infringed upon by those evil school administrators."

    What kind of a world is the ACLU thrusting upon us?

    When will this insanity end?

    When the people of America stand up and say ENOUGH!!!

    We need to teach our children personal responsibility.
    We need to teach them that there are indeed consequences for their actions, and that there word is their bond, and when you give that word, either orally or by signing a contract you are expected to adhere to it.

    It is not only the moral thing to do, it is the legal thing to do. If the kids had been the only ones to sign it would be null and void since children are barred by law from entering into legally binding documents. But their parents signed them also.

    Which leads me to wonder, where were the parents?

    I hope the ACLU doesn't get their way by threatening to sue. They gain more power every time that someone surrenders without a fight. I hope this school stands on their principals (figuratively) and tells the ACLU to head to hades.

    Crossposted at Stop the ACLU
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