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    With a tip o' me tam to Parrot Check. (PC is linked in the title)

    Apparently some idiot on democratic underground has written the following;

    “Terri Schiavo has the same likelihood of swallowing as a Chia Pet.” Other things with the same likelihood of swallowing as Terri Schiavo:
    - A slab of granite
    - A watermelon
    - A hubcap from a 1989 Ford Escort
    - Play-Doh
    - etc.

    Here is another gem from part of the same crew;

    Unfortunately for his idiotic move, it’ll be struck down by a court very soon because she is in no
    way capable of testifying before congress. SHE HAS NO BRAIN!
    Walt Starr

    Now first I want you to pay particular attention to the fact that this is normal posting on DU. I am not a member, not only because I hate them and wouldn't want to be in that group but because it is well known that free speech only extends to their view and they will ban anyone with even a hint of "right-thinking".

    I expect that is due to the fact that unlike Terri, those at the DU have no brains and it is jealousy that causes them to ban those on the right so quickly.

    Speaking of not having a brain, if the left does believe that Terri has no brain then I would expect the dems to be the first one to rush to save her.....after all, people always try to protect their own.
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