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    Linked in the title is a story from the Trentonian.

    The first sentence shows either an unbelievable bias, an amazing display of ignorance or a "reporter" on the take from someone. How else do you explain that statement "the brain-dead but smiling woman"?

    I can see a person being brain dead AND smiling, IF it were a smile pasted on their face, but Terri shows absolutely no sign of being brain DEAD. Brain damaged I would agree with, but unless I am mistaken brain dead people do NOT sit up and do the types of things that Terri does.

    This asinine writer goes on to say "She now faces near-certain death with the removal of the feeding tube".....really? Near certain death? Perhaps he thinks that maybe a "brain dead" woman will sudddenly spring to life if she gets hungry enough.

    What a maroon.

    Anyway, spotlighting the ignorant jerk of the day here's to SHRIRAM HARID, the writer of this piece.

    Hey Shriram? Terri isn't in a PVS...she isn't brain dead. Get a clue.
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