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    Michelle Malkin has, probably coincidentally and without meaning to do it, joined in our little rantfest.

    Go here for the full article. I find Michelles site to be hard to navigate and rarely find the whole articles I find in newspapers online.

    She has a wonderful tidbit on the ACLUs planned actions against the MinuteMan Project, and I am going to borrow some parts and toss in my bucks worth.

    Consider this my off topic Anti ACLU Blogbrust contribution, a bit late and a touch snarky.

    April 1st, in case you haven't heard, is the launch of the Minuteman Project, an all-volunteer effort by law-abiding American citizens to call attention to the nation's wide open southern border. Hundreds of Americans from New York to Michigan to California will travel down to the U.S.-Mexico border for a month to monitor illegal aliens and alert immigration enforcement officials if they witness law-breaking.

    This is a sad thing that VOLUNTEERS are having to take up the slack and do the job that the Border Patrol gets paid to do. Remember they are getting paid with our tax dollars to "do" this job too.

    In doing so, the Minutemen will be exercising their constitutionally-protected freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


    Well, in theory yes they are, but if the traitorous bastards at the ACLU have their way the Minutemen will be arrested and charged with violating the AMERICAN civil rights of ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!! Civil rights that they aren't entitled to nor that they hold.
    (if even one of you have a smidge of an idea of telling me about political correctness and "correcting" me on my choice of words to describe these CRIMINALS just take a deep breath and click on your back button.....PC is BS and I don't believe in it. Consider that your one and only warning)

    Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist has been harassed by open-borders activists at his home.

    Jim Gilchrist, the Minuteman Project Founder, and a True American Patriot, is standing up against those that would trample on our sovereignty by sneaking across our borders and breaking our FEDERAL LAWS. If you or I broke American federal laws how fast do you think we would end up in American FEDERAL PRISON? Yeah.

    The group is reportedly being targeted by savage illegal alien gangsters from Mara Salvatrucha (a.k.a. MS-13). Mexican government officials are lobbying American law enforcement officials to suppress the Minutemen's rights to speak and assemble.

    Now as to the Minutemen possibly being targeted by this very dangerous criminal organization, MS-13, which the Government should consider a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, one would think that hearing these threats being made would cause our Government to send out a show of force, which I understand now that they have with the addition of 700 border patrol agents that have been reassigned to teh Arizona border.

    As to the corrupt mexican government asking our law enforcement to suppress OUR CIVIL RIGHTS so that the mexican governments' outright, (mostly) unarmed invasion of these UNITED STATES can continue unabated is beyond ludicrous. What would be said if the US government told mexico to suppress the drug trade through their country?

    Oh wait. It did. NOTHING HAPPENED.

    Never mind the fact that NOTHING is exactly what law enforcment should do, the question is will they indeed do nothing?

    I'd bet they wouldn't.

    She continues:

    But instead of coming to the defense of the Minutemen who are challenging our government, the ACLU has warned the 1,000 volunteers that it will send monitors to document the Americans' activities. Moreover, the ACLU has already threatened lawsuits against the American dissenters for exercising their rights.

    Did you get that? The ACLU is threatening AMERICAN CITIZENS with lawsuits. In defense of NON CITIZENS. People that ARE NOT protected by our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Perhaps the ACLU should change their name to EBACLU. Everybody But Americans Civil Liberties Union.

    This bullying of pro-immigration enforcement activists comes as no surprise to those of us who have followed the ACLU's aggressive open-borders agenda — from its support for driver's licenses for illegal aliens, to its opposition to detaining illegal alien terror suspects after 9/11 and profiling foreign visitors from terror-friendly countries, to its efforts to stop local and state law enforcement officers from helping federal homeland security efforts.

    The ACLU is as anti-American as you can be without actually being tried for treason. If you are an American exercising your rights you are in good with the ACLU as long as you don't step on the toes of the people behind the nefarious organizations policies. Their unceasing support of illegals and keeping a porous border is outright dangerous policy to stand beside in these days of threats from terrorists. When the next attack comes and it is found that the perpetrators snuck in here illegally you must remeber that the ACLU, along with other groups, (environmentalists and La Raza), have in effect aided and abetted that attack, and should be brought up on charges for it.

    ACLU of Arizona spokesman Ray Ybarra argues that the mere presence of the Minutemen at the border constitutes "unlawful imprisonment" of illegal (excuse me, "undocumented") aliens (excuse me, "migrants"). Ybarra told the Washington Times that the ACLU will have lawyers on standby ready to file civil cases against the volunteers. He warned that the Minutemen could "come to our state as 'vigilantes' and end up leaving as 'defendants.'"

    Did you catch that?

    "Unlawful imprisonment".

    The minutemen, by watching the border and reporting on the movement of people across the border are engaging in "unlawful imprisonment".

    What's next? The ACLU suing INS for "unlawful imprisonment"?

    Notice the language they are using also.


    By recklessly linking the Minutemen to white separatists and casting them as outlaws, the civil liberties crowd engages in the very guilt-by-association smear tactics it has so loudly condemned. And in putting the protection of illegal aliens' rights over law-abiding Americans' civil liberties, the ACLU demonstrates on which side of the border its true allegiances lie.

    The ACLU is a divisive force in this country just as much as the KKK, the Black Panthers and the Democrats. They are hypocrites of the worst sort, defedning civil liberties only when it suits their ends.
    The ACLU stands firmly against the laws of the United States and solidly in defense of criminals from other countries.

    Yet again the ACLU is on the wrong side of an issue, and yet again they show their anti-American bias.

    Join us in our fight at Stop The Aclu dot Org and The Stop the ACLU Blog.
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