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    While checking stats I noticed that a visitor was referred by Pia's little pink slice of unreality over at 'courting destiny'. I read through the comments in the post that referred my little visitor, and noticed that it was a thread I had commented on.

    It was a rambling little post that would have gone almost unnoticed by me but somehow I ended up there, and made a comment. In that post she said some things about Cao and commented about Terri Schiavo, saying:

    "I write about Cao not because I want to but because she represents an extreme that more and more American’s are falling into. However she has made herself look so stupid this weekend, I doubt anybody but her most faithful adherents will listen to her anymore.

    If you’re interested in seeing a comment by Cao, and the depths of her stupidity. please go to The Cranky Liberal’s Saturday post.

    Technically I’m probably more qualified to write about the Terry Schiavo case than Cao is as I have extensive training and work experience in end of life issues. However there are many variables in that case that make me wary of talking about it.

    People should be wary of talking about things when they are lacking complete knowledge of the facts."

    Now at this time I didn't even post a comment about her words on Cao. Rather I said, with a nod to the comment above mine:

    This isn’t about what God wants….this is about stopping an evil man from killing a woman that is very much alive and in need of therapy.

    Terri is not brain dead, not in a persistant vegetative state, and certainly not cared about by her spouse.

    This has deeper implications than just Terris’ life.
    Comment by Kender — 3/7/2005 @ 10:23 pm"

    Imagine my surprise when at the bottom of that thread, almost two days after I made my comment, I found this:

    "I will never ban people from commenting, but I will never answer Kender again.

    Not out of lack of responses but because Kender can take personal attacks to a level where nobody has before.

    All Kender does is inspire hate–even from people who might like his thoughts.

    Comment by Pia — 3/9/2005 @ 8:55 pm"

    Now to be fair in that two day span I did manage to piss this drooler off, but really folks......does this girl not realize that she is just feeding the bear?
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