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    **In response to a good point brought up by a commenter, (thanks LadyFreque) I just want to point out that food and water are not heroic measures.....but if they are considered to be heroic measures then I want all "heroic measures" ended imediately to keep those on death row alive until we kill them.**

    A neurologist named Beatrice Angstrom was just on Fox saying she filed an affadavit with the court on March 1st saying that Terri is not PVS, (DUH) and should be given the help she needs.

    The Truth is coming out.

    In the meantime Greer is still refusing to unseal the records....if you are reading this and still think that Greer and his death squad is NOT hiding something then GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY BLOG MORON!!!!

    ***BREAKING NEWS****
    SCOTUS has refused to hear the appeal by Terris' parents.

    **Thoughts on this**
    It sucks that Terris parents can't go comfort their dying daughter. If this were my child only God himself could keep me away. If I were Terris dad I would go kill michael right now. Then he would be dead...and mom would have custody...and if, at that point, greer refused to give gaurdianship to mom then even someone in Terris' condition could see that he is hiding something.

    And to all of you out there that think Congress' actions were "tyranny" I want you to think about this......the courts are the ones being tyrannical...greers refusal to release records is de facto proof that something needs to be hidden from the prying eyes of the public and those with the power to prosecute wrongdoing.

    It is the courts that are acting tyrannical, and they should be called on the carpet for their activism and their blatant obstructionism of the legititmate questions of Congress.

    And since it being left up to Greer, (for some ungodly reason) to decide on Bushs petition for custody of Terri does anyone out there really think that the most dis-honorable pusbag suck-ass judge greer is going to allow it?

    Fuck Greer.


    If Terri were black, or gay or muslim would saving her life be an issue that most on the left would be for then?
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