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    I am having trouble getting a blogroll code to work IN a post. I don't know why but that isn't the point of this post. Later, when I am back and sit down to look at it harder I am sure I will fix it, besides, it is for the "Kerry 180 blogroll" so I have another 5 days to fix it.

    Anyway, as I was saying, she sent me the link in the title to give me a hand. In case you are wondering it was Cao that sent me the link in the title. So I am cruising around this site and I came across this page.

    Ya gotta look at it. It is a page that tells you whether your site could be considered legal or not in some countries where your website could be illegal for reasons that include the blind being unable to access it.


    I know.

    Shake it off man, it's early.

    So for kicks and giggles I checked my page.

    It failed.

    Part of the reason it failed was for "Bogus or deprecated markup". I saw that and thought "What in bloody hell does THAT mean?????

    So I clicked on that, of course, and was greeted with, among other things, this:

    "Complex relationships between parts of a page may be difficult for people with cognitive disabilities and people with visual disabilities to interpret."

    This is the thought process that then flitted through my mind at the speed of my misfiring synapses':

    >>>I don't have a page that has "complex relationships between parts of my page", I do jump around a bit on subjects, visual disabilities I can understand, after all if you can't SEE then how do you view a webpage that is silent? but Cognitive disabilities? what the he........ OH!!!!!!!!!..........hehe.....maybe I should put up a disclaimer for those leftists that stop by huh?<<<

    I had to wipe the coffee from my desk. Those guys in my head crack me up.

    Fresh out of bed, half cup of coffee and the snarkiness just flows. Good Morning!!!
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