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    I have spoken of the crew in my head a few times, but rarely on this blog.

    Today that changes, as I am going to introduce you to The Crew in My Head.

    Before you start thinking that I have gone completely insane let me assure you, I have been there for many years. I believe we all have crews in our heads you see, only I am in touch with mine, whereas most people think that the crew in their head is simply "conscience", "morality" and "inner dialogue".

    The crew in your head runs these things:
    Thoughts on what you see.
    Your Belief System.
    Your Reactions.
    Your Feelings.
    Your Psyche.

    Now, the crew in your head has a hierarchy, like the military and government. Really, where did you think people got the ideas on how to structure things? From the crew in their head.

    At the top of the command structure is, of course, The Commander.
    The Commander is more of a figure head, only stepping in to make decisions when it is truly warranted. Most of the time he is usually sleeping though since all of the Commanders work has been delegated to lesser members of the crew.

    Below the Commander are the Section Chiefs. There are five of these, one for each thing the crew in your head handles. They report to the Commander when they catch him awake, which gets more rare the older you get.

    The grunt work on the crew in your head is done by the Department Chiefs, of which there are ten for each Section Chief, with the exception of Your Psyche, which only has one Department Chief due to the minimal amount of work that is involved because they only process and interpret the data that all the other departments collect and then secretly assign strange reactions and neurosis' to counter and or complement this data.

    The Department Chiefs are in charge of the moment to moment handling of ALL data that flows into you through your senses. Note: Each dept., except Psyche, has a chief assigned to each of the five senses, as each sense receives the same data, but each dept. translates that data by the parameters of their assigned program.

    Following are the responsibilities of each department.

    This system is responsible for what you BELIEVE. It takes in the data from what you hear and see and translates this information to feelings. This information is then sent to the Logic Processing Center. If the Logic Processing Center, (run by one section chief from the first FOUR departments, psyche has no logic support) deems the new beliefs to be logical and agreeable by the Logic Committee then they are programmed into the "Pattern" and become automatic processes. This dept. mostly deals with what is SEEN and HEARD, although as was previously pointed out, there are Dept. Chiefs assigned assigned to each sense.

    This system is responsible for how you REACT to the outside world. The section chiefs in this dept. are tasked with a high amount of data at every waking moment and it is a very important dept. They take the data your senses provide and run them through a "History" program. If the sensory data meets criteria for a previously encountered event, standard protocols are enacted, (i.e hot=don't touch). If this data is new then a program that runs the data against the "Feelings and Thoughts" protocol is used to decide HOW you should react to it. For example if it is a physical sensation then the "pleasure/pain" subroutine is the first program used, however if it is auditory then the "commonsense" subroutine runs, cross referencing with the "knownfacts" data base.

    There is another program that runs at this time IF the sense is auditory AND the Feelings Section has received this information and linked programs they are running, (Feelings Programs to be discussed below) and this program actually affects the "Reactions" by judging if the source is someone that the system wants to engage in coitus. If the source does meet that criteria then a subprogram is run weighing the factors of "Hotness" plus "Chance of Success" and rates the value of the sources input to come up with a "Tolerance Factor". This "Tolerance Factor" is highly susceptible to corruption by alcohol and the last time the "Sleep Program" was used.

    If the "Tolerance Factor" is high enough then the sources input is either filed away for later retrieval or outright deleted, and the "Coital Program" starts and accesses the "Chance Enhancement Program" which is tasked with supporting the "Coital Program" to it's successful conclusion. (Note, in many men the "Coital Program" is immediately shut down by the "Sleep/Flee" program, especially if it has been corrupted by alcohol, at the moment the "Coital Program" reaches a successful conclusion.)

    This system is responsible for what you FEEL, not only physically but also emotionally. This system is over developed in leftists of all stripes, but seems to b particularly so in those with a "HIGH SOCIALIST REACTIONARY VIRUS", (HSRV) which is a viral infection that corrupts the "Logic" program.

    On a basic level this system takes all physical data and runs it through the "history" program, comparing data from past experiences and, if necessary, shunting the data back to the "Reaction" system for action.

    On a deeper level this program takes retrieved data and runs it through the "History" program and cross references it through the Beliefs Database and runs a "Logic Protocol" on the data to either bring up old programs that have dealt with this data or creates new routines to deal with the new data. In leftists of all stripes research is showing a corrupted "Logic Protocol" and an inability for the programs to create new protocols for new data.

    In those on the right the "Logic Protocol Program" seems to be the first program accessed, and has a tendency to cause a subprogram ("Disbelief") to run when confronted with those who seem to have (HSRV) infected thought processes.

    The Physical and Emotional routines do run in conjunction quite often. Usually they are running in conjunction when visual data is received and run through the "Coital Program" and if the results are suitable, the "Mate Program". The "Mate Program" is always run secondary to the "Coital Program" as the "Coital Program" is a superior program run by the master "Instinct/Survival" program.

    As noted above, these programs are highly corruptible by alcohol and lack of a timely Sleep Program.

    This is a little understood system, although there are a great many people that claim to understand it. This system is responsible for all Subconscious and Unconscious programs, and is manifested mostly during Sleep programs, although leftists have been shown to manifest certain Psyche program malfunctions when confronted by such programs as "Truth", however this is probably a side effect of their "Logic Protocol Program" needing to be erased and rebooted.

    There is of course a "bridge" where all data input is routed through, sorted, sifted, analyzed and acted on or deleted.

    This "bridge", or "control room" is where the inner voice comes from. Basically it consists of the Section Chiefs that discuss the input and the results of the data as it compares to past experiences and that is also where conclusions are drawn, actions finalized and responses generated.

    As you can no doubt tell, my "bridge" has a very good Sarcasm program that runs the subprograms of Pissiness and Dismissal on a regular basis.
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