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    I can't seem to get a comment to post over in the lilypad....maybe it's a connection thing----maybe it's just a glitch in the system---or maybe someone finally banned that cool or what?

    The only thing that bugs me about it is I didn't get listed as a "facist asshole" by them.....I guess I am not facist enough, because I know I am enough of an asshole:D

    UPDATE.....If I am banned I owe it to you to explain how I found out. You see the slimy amphibians over there just tend to make me laugh at the unreal view they have of the world, and they posted about that italian journalists that was "kidnapped" and then almost killed by our troops when they approached a US checkpoint "at speed" on the most dangerous road in Iraq, at night, with no warning they were coming....anyway I decided to post a comment about that post, but have been unable to. I have decided that since I can't post it there I will post the comment here.

    "Bad Americans..I guess those soldiers need to get to a range and requalify huh? I can't believe the missed a target as big as that womans mouth. But then it was dark when this happened wasn't it."

    Snarkiness...ya' gotta love it.
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