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    Of course when you see this post it will probably be changed...Cao is an amazing amazing person.....and all of you lefties out there, specifically dianne, whynot, pia teh pinhead, wonky sheep and any I forgot, you know who you are, can just kiss my redwhiteandblue American Patriot ass and go pray to ST. Fu.

    Liek I said, Cao is playing a video highlighing our military guys and gals....I have alot of military family. (think about this you lefties that haven't run off to teh lilypad yet.....MY little brothers are giving you the freedom to be such asses, so thank them, even if you don't like our military, thank them, for without them you would be beaten down in teh street by people like Cao, Raven and I, and most liklely the rest of the right wing blogosphere. We are NOT whiny pacifists like you and we know HOW to kick ass)

    Where the hell was I?
    oh yeah....

    To all of our military I offer a hearty thank you.....and heart felt God Bless and God Speed.....and a note saying I am jealous of your service....I envy you your position....and am proud to call 3 of you family...two of you like brothers to me....and a whole lot more of you friends.

    I have been accused of being mean...I can be very mean......I have been accused of taking personal attacks to levels never seen before...that is NOT true...the person that said that has no clue of the levels to which I can take personal attacks....apparently she thinks that the disclaimer at the top of this page is just a joke.......I plan on continuing do piss off the left, especially the socialists in NY and the lilypad, (france to you newbies), backing the US WOT, (you lefties can't see the need for this war...hhhmmm...perhaps you should go live under sharia law for a year.....especially you lefty women...)

    So yes I am drunk and rambling...and so pissed at the unrealists out there....the people that don't realize or refuuse to admit the danger that radical islam IS>

    What makes them that way? Some stupid belief that people are good I imagine...and a certain naievete I suppose.....a conviction that people are good and if we could all just sit down and talk we would see that.....some brain malfunction that causes them to wait until teh car actually hits them before moving out of teh street maybe.....I don't knwo.....I am still none too happy with someone from new york...NEWFUCKINGYORK....saying that my few littlewords were "taking personal attacks to a level never before seen....

    WOW...I just read that....I was worng to write that....I am very happy she said that...I sooooo got under her skin...pissed off her and her moonbat friends....and I don't those of you that aren't aware of The Wide Awakes, wander over there and check it out...and it is exactly because of those folks at teh wide awakes that I don't care if some lefty moonbats get mad at me and whine in their granola.....I KNOW that I AM RIGHT...not only politically but morally, mentally and in every sense of the word RIGHT!!!!!

    I just thought of something.....and willpst that rant while I am sober...for now I am simply telling you lefties out there "HAHA" and pissing in your tofu.

    So to all you moonbats out ther I will offer once agian access, free of charge, the use of "Kenders Kiss My Ass and Get Out of My Country Travel Agency" it if you want FREE SERVICE!!!

    Otherwise know that I will continu to lurk yoru blogs and post comments that are designed to piss you off.....others can handle the heavy hitting....and even thugh I can hit heavy when I wish to, I would rather sit here and piss you off....because I know you love even handed, logical debate...and I will be damned if I give you socialist, Mao loving, Bush hating, anti freedom, American bashing, tofu eating signtotingwhinysissyfuckwadgoofballchickenshitpacifistappeasing SOBs one little bit of joy in life until you EARN it.

    Oh wait, you don't feel the need to earn anything do you? OK then, I won't hand it to you either.
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