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    ...a conversation with a friend tonight has caused me to post this question:

    What do women want in a man?

    To be specific we are not talking about a relationship here, but rather what qualities in a man turn a woman on.

    I have my answers, but so as not to taint the possible answers I get I will leave them for when I post an update to this post.

    I am looking forward to your insights on this.


    UPDATE: The conclusion of last nights coversation was women are attracted to a man that is strong, not necassarily in body but in character, intelligent, bold in manner, (not a wuss), that can make them laugh and with a bit of the devilish badboy just lurking under the surface. Body types were not factored in as tastes vary widely, (for instance my wife is a six foot tall, redheaded irish blooded vixen that is built like Barbie with a bigger rack, but she prefers short blonde guys (((Luckyluckyme:D))) while her sister prefers the tall athletic type).

    Thanks for the input.
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