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    As stated below I hate the AP....and in the midst of the fight for Terri I didn't want this to slip by without comment. I saw it last night and decided to blog it. I planned it to be my only post today due to being away.....but plans change.

    The AP is being a group of Navy SEALS and the wife of a special forces member.

    Good for them.

    And before one of the moonbats that tend to troll my blog lately begin harping about the freedom of the press bit let me be pre-emptive and say go to hell.

    Our boys in uniform, especially the ones that are heavily into covert action, must have a level of privacy and security, and it is absolutely irresponsible for the AP to publish those photos, and they should NOT publish photos of our covert troops, ever.

    Yes, even if they are "newsworthy" or are of "public interest".

    Terrorists see the same photos we do....they can use the same internet, basically they have the same search capabilities that you or I have, and maybe even some better ones because they don't have a problem with breaking the law to follow their wrongheaded fanaticism.

    Besides that the AP didn't even take the photos....they did not own the photos...they weren't given permission to use the photos....they stole the photos from a website....and published them with an article....I believe these were some of the photos from Grab-An-A-Rab prison, but they were not the photos that led to legal action.

    In fact, per the article: The AP later reported the Navy's preliminary findings showed most of the 15 photos transmitted by the agency were taken for legitimate intelligence-gathering purposes and showed commandos using approved procedures.

    The AP is now, of course, being sued for copyright infringment also.

    I hope these guys win alot of money.

    The AP sucks.
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