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    I was going to wait until Terri passes to post this, however hope is lost, not only for Terri but for America as well. I am sure that after a few days the resignation will fade, as those that wished Terri dead, or at least wouldn't help attempt to save her continue to comment and once again anger me and those that still know the greatness of this country, those that still believe that we are not some servant of the elite and the corporations, that we have purpose beyond buying the newest gadget or seeing the latest hollywood drivel.

    So this sadness will fade, dropping down below the surface, to be used as a club against the evil that is creeping ever forward, stealing all that is good under the guise of "humanism" and "socialism".

    This feeling of utter failure to save an innocent womans life will be harnessed to battle those that would steer us away from the moral path, pointing out their lack of compassion and their complete vileness, along the way perhaps to cause some to rethink their beliefs and realize that with life, like power, comes responsibility. The responsibility to aid those in need and fight those that would do us harm for their petty worldy wants and desires.

    Already I am feeling the rightous fire, welling up to scream at those against us, to meet them head-on and vanquish this pervasive evil that creeps ever forward. But it will again fade once those dreaded words come....."Terri Schiavo has died."


    We're The Land of the Free
    And the Home of the Brave
    Always told just How lucky we are
    And once that was True as the People rolled in
    While the Freedom flowed out Wide and Far

    Now it is gone and Liberty weeps
    Our Goodness is slipping away
    Lives we once saved
    But death we now praise
    As Liberties' head hangs in shame

    While the Old world calls out
    For it's prodigal son
    "Join us, we will show you the way"
    Americas' Right sits and screams through the night
    "We have all lost our souls on this day"

    Our "Blessings' Securer" shall soon slip away
    Abandoned and deservedly so
    Through the storm we will rage
    And trembling we'll pray
    And cry "God where did you go?"

    Huddled masses won't swarm to these once Golden Shores
    You see Freedom is no longer here
    For this land of the free
    And the home of the brave
    Is the hovel of death loving fear

    As the years stretch along and Old Glory fades
    While the greatness we've known slips away
    History will peer
    Through the dim mists of time
    And claim that we Died on this day.

    Dedicated to Theresa Marie Schindler
    May she rest in peace, God knows we won't.
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