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    ***I was bored after writing this and was clicking through every blog on the blorroll for Terri and skimming through th efrst few lines when this caught my attention. Becki Snows blog is reporting that a woamn got arrested trying to take terri water. I thought this would happen, but hadn't heard of it until now...I am no longer bored...I am now mad again and going to take a wlak in the dark, windy rainy night to cool off***

    Out of all of the blogosphere and all of those hits, (of which 14 have hit my blog from that search term in the last few days), you would think that there would be alot of pages above my little crappy spot o'cyber real estate....but I am at number seven.......go figure...really, I would have thought that people that get many more hits than I do would have written "michael schiavo sucks"....especially in the last few days.

    So OK, I am bored, cruising the 'sphere and not really feeling the desire to beat on moonbats and some random thoughts have flown through my head in the last few;

    isn't Viagra simply a penis enlargement drug with a very short term effect, (no that was not a freudian thing)...

    and I saw a commercial today for toilet paper while waiting for news of terri....and in it they showed how only four of the sheets of their brand soaked up the same amount of blue liquid as six sheets of the competitors I don't know about you, but I don't need a demonstration of TP soaking up liquid....if I am having to soak up liquid with TP either my son has spilled juice and that is the closest paper or something is seriously wrong and I am calling 911.....

    so I think that plastic backed TP would be a good idea....less of a mental thing about making sure their is enough paper between your hand and...well anyway...that Idea may actually lead to even less people washing their hands after using the facilities....and you know what I hate?

    I hate cheap TP....that kind you get in the heads at concerts and know the kind? It's on a roll that isn't round so it won't roll....(maybe they shouldn't call it a 'roll' of TP in these cases huh?)...and no matter how hard you try to get a longer piece of it you get exactly four square inches of TP because this stuff tears easier than wet tissue paper...and you need to start tearing it off as soon as you sit down because it takes about that long to get enough to use....if you start when you are done you're in there another 5 minutes.......

    you know what else I hate? (WARNING****NON PC RANT***WARNING)

    I hate handicapped drivers....I don't hate them personally of course.....I hate the way they drive....and not the folks with the handicap placards NOOO....the ones with the hanicap LICENSE PLATES......I don't know about where you are but out here in Cali. the people that have those plates CANNOT drive......they go too slow....the ride the line.....they sit forEVER at a green light and I sit back there and wonder if they can't see the light or maybe they are REALLY paranoid about someone running the opposing red.....I believe that here in Cali. you don't get a handicapped license plate for actually being handicapped...for those people the DMV gives out placards that hang on rearview mirrors.....I think that the people here that have those plates get them because during their driving test they terrified the tester so badly that not only is the tester afraid of failing them because of their bad driving but they are scared of them for some other they pass them and give them a special plate to warn the rest of us.......

    Funny thing about it is that these folks don't drive like a pissed off aggressive person that you would think would be the kind of person to scare a DMV tester into giving them a license....that is what makes them so scary...they don't seem mean....but still they have a license when it is obvious from their driving that they shouldn't......

    I guess this is one of those times that the phrase "watch out for the quiet ones" probably applies really well.....and if that is a true statement that you must "watch out for the quiet ones" then imagine how safe I actually am......

    I am bored...ther are now 336 blogs or websites in the blogroll for terri...I think I signed up at number 70 someething if I remember my count I count things sometimes.....a bit of OCD I am sure.....but I I ever go blind at least I know how many steps it is to my mailbox....(98)...not that it would do me any good, being blind I couldn't really read the mail.....hhhmmm...hadn't thought of that one...well, I guess I need a new reason for knowing how far it is to the mailbox huh?
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