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    ...and a man I can always count on when I am on a rant about the left is Charles Krauthammer.
    Big Tip o'me Tam to long time gone.

    Some bits from his article.

    At his news conference on Wednesday, President Bush declined an invitation to claim vindication for his policy of spreading democracy in the Middle East. After two years of attacks on him as a historical illiterate pursuing the childish fantasy of Middle East democracy, he was entitled to claim a bit of credit. Yet he declined, partly out of modesty (as with Ronald Reagan, one of the secrets of his political success) and partly because he has learned the perils of declaring any mission accomplished.

    Of course he did. Unlike most of those on the left with huge egos, (and inversely proportioned nether parts I suspect), those on the right do things because they are the right ting to do. They may not be the most popular thing to do, but ask any kid if they want that splinter dug out of their finger and they will say no, but we all know that even though it hurts, it needs to be done, and sometime doing the right thing hurts at first, but in the long run it is better for everyone involved.

    We do not yet know, however, whether this initial flourishing of democracy will succeed. The Syrian and Iraqi Baathists, their jihadist allies, and the various regional autocrats are quite determined to suppress it. But we do know one thing: Those who claimed, with great certainty, that Arabs are an exception to the human tendency toward freedom, that they live in a stunted and distorted culture that makes them love their chains -- and that the notion the United States could help trigger a democratic revolution by militarily deposing their oppressors was a fantasy -- have been proved wrong.

    I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful paragraph than that. I especially like the last part. "proved wrong"....that seems to be happening alot these day in teh world of the lefty socialist unrealist whiners doesn't it?

    This amazing display has prompted a wave of soul-searching. When a Le Monde editorial titled "Arab Spring" acknowledges "the merit of George W. Bush," when the cover headline of London's The Independent is "Was Bush Right After All?" and when a column in Der Spiegel asks "Could George W. Bush Be Right?" you know that something radical has happened.

    I will bet you two euros that those articles had alot of people in europe spitting mad, and probably about 49% of the folks here too.

    The international left's concern for human rights turns out to be nothing more than a useful weapon for its anti-Americanism. Jeane Kirkpatrick pointed out this selective concern for the victims of U.S. allies (such as Chile) 25 years ago. After the Cold War, the hypocrisy continues. For which Arab people do European hearts burn? The Palestinians. Why? Because that permits the vilification of Israel -- an outpost of Western democracy and, even worse, a staunch U.S. ally. Championing suffering Iraqis, Syrians and Lebanese offers no such satisfaction. Hence, silence.

    Until now. Now that the real Arab street has risen to claim rights that the West takes for granted, the left takes note. It is forced to acknowledge that those brutish Americans led by their simpleton cowboy might have been right. It has no choice. It is shamed. A Lebanese, amid a sea of a million other Lebanese, raises a placard reading "Thank you, George W. Bush," and all that Euro-pretense, moral and intellectual, collapses.

    As I wrote here yesterday. The left is full of hateful people that should be very ashamed of themselves and rightly should beg those on the right and the rest of the world for forgiveness.

    On the other side of that coin is naturally those of us on the "RIGHT".......and we are sooooo right in soooo many ways.......those of you on the right stand tall and stick out that chin knowing that Good is triumphing over evil...the forces that would see us destroyed are on the run regardless of their words, and all of you were a part of it.

    God Bless each and everyone of you.
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