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    If Terri loses her Fight for Life, and is murdered by Greers death squad I think that the churches of this great land should toll their bells.

    I realize that is something usually reserved for people of great stature, but those of us fighting for Terri, those of us whose hearts cry out for Justice in defense of Life, have been dismissed by the MSM and the merchants of death.

    We have been called an insignificant minority.

    I refuse to believe that this great country has lost so much, has sunk so low, that the death of an innocent woman, when there are so many questions, could be just another blurb on the news and that there are so many Americans that are so seflish and cold hearted.

    I simply CANNOT accept that conclusion.

    Let those bells ring....let the merchants of death hear all across this land that we are not the minority. That the life of an innocent means something.

    Let them hear the bells and hang their heads in shame.
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