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    A tip o' me tam to Jay at Stop the ACLU, who of course gives rightous props to Peakahs Provocations for the story about the the dumbass ACLU filing a comlaint about a Christian comedy team.

    It seems that this team performs at schools and invites kids to an off campus pizza party where they deliver a religious message.

    As referenced here, atheism IS a religion, and that is exactly what the ACLU is pushing on everyone.

    In case you missed that, let me put it in plain terms so you tards out there that need everything spelled out for you, (and you know who you are **coughlefties**) can better understand the implications of what I just said.

    The ACLU is TRAMPLING on the First Amendment rights of most of America by pushing the RELIGION of ATHEISM down everyone's throat.

    Fuck the ACLU!!!!

    Monday, I am going to call them, yet again, and this time I am going to ask them why they seem to think that pushing one religion over another is ok.

    I am so damned angry over this constant barrage against everything decent by the ACLU and the dumbass, cowardly fucktards on the left, (and the idiots on Err America can suck my left.....toe) that I am honestly hoping one of those jackasses on the left dares to cross me.

    Every fukin one of 'em have earned a broken nose, (at the least), and they, like the radical muslims, are going to keep pushing until decent people just won't stand for it anymore.

    I don't want to see that happen, but if they keep pushing their radical agendas to the ruination of our country then what they claim to be fighting against will actually come to pass.

    Do you idiots on the left really fear a society where morality is legislated?

    Keep pushing your radicalized secular agenda and that just may occur as a backlash to your appeasing, morally bankrupt deviance that you are trying to foist off on America.

    By the way, if you are one of those lefties that have earned a broken nose, come see me, I will be glad to oblige just about any of you mattress thrashing gutter slugs.


    XPOSTED@The Wide Awakes
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