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    As you well know by now, the blogosphere, and the Right, especially the right, have exploded in punditry and opinionated comments, posts, rants and diatribes regarding the selection of Harriet Miers by President Bush for a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States to step in for a retiring Sandra Day O'Conner.

    I haven't said anything on this subject yet, because unlike some people, (and like my friend Kit pointed out about some of those people), I am not going to sound as if I have been living across the street from her family for twenty years.

    I, like most of you out there, had no idea this woman existed until Bush nominated her. I had heard her name, but paid so little attention that I may as well have not heard of her at all, so as I said, I really had no idea that she existed.

    Now, Time Online has a sampling of Ms. Miers writings.

    Before I get to that I wish to point out that The Washington Post had it right on September the 28th when they wrote that some expected Bush to tap Miers to replace O'Conner.

    Now, we have all heard that Miers was with a big law firm when they got embroiled in a ponzi scheme, (paid subscription needed for access to original article, so I linked to one of a very few bloggers that were willing to pay for it), and it makes me wonder, since she was a managing partner of the firm at the time, just how much she knew about it.

    We have also heard that she donated money to Gore and The DNC, but even Reagan was a democrat once upon a time, and unlike the left, those folks in and of the Right have always shown a remarkable ability to forgive the past transgressions of those that were once a Jackass!!!

    Has anyone out there even stopped amidst all of this hysteria to ponder if perhaps this leopard changed her spots, as so many have before her?

    Here are some of the things that Time Online have dug up from some of the things that Miers has written;

    "The same liberties that ensure a free society make the innocent vulnerable to those who prevent rights and privileges and commit senseless and cruel acts. Those precious liberties include free speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of liberties, access to public places, the right to bear arms and freedom from constant surveillance. We are not willing to sacrifice these rights because of the acts of maniacs."

    I want you to pay very close attention to that last sentence.

    We are not willing to sacrifice these rights because of the acts of maniacs."

    I don't know about any of you, but I like that sentiment.

    Let us not forget this gem either;

    "Punishment of wrongdoers should be swift and sure. Only then can the criminal justice system serve as an effective deterrent. Those who would choose a rule of man rather than the rule of law must not escape fitting penalty......

    Now I can't decide which of these two quotes I like better.

    However there is always some darkness with the light, and Harriet provides us a small glimpse into that darkness that lurks in the hearts of dems everywhere;

    "We all can be active in some way to address the social issues that foster criminal behavior, such as: lack of self-esteem or hope in some segments of our society, poverty, lack of health care (particularly mental health care), lack of education, and family dysfunction."

    Let me highlight a very important phrase in that quote;

    "....the social issues that foster criminal behavior, such as: lack of self-esteem...."

    She wrote that in 1992, when she was President of the Texas State Bar. That was after she gave money to the Asses on the left, but long before she joined Team Bush.

    It is hard for me to pin down when she broke ranks with the left, but it appears that she has, and the fact of Harry Reid (D-NV) seeming to like her has me wondering what he may know that we don't.

    Of course, this could be a ruse from the Left, however I doubt it. They have rarely, if ever, missed a chance to rail against Bush and frankly, even with all the education and degrees that the left brag about notwithstanding, I don't think they have the collective intelligence to pull something so spectacularly devious out of the bag on such short notice. The Left, after all, relies on division, race-baiting and diversion to accomplish their longterm goals of socialism, and have been shown to be incapable when it comes to pulling a fast one out of the hat, if I may mix metaphors. To sum that up, the left don't think very well on their feet. In fact, I believe they do their best thinking sitting down and clearing their heads, so to speak, while on the commode.

    Now, I don't know if Miers is going to be confirmed, and am very interested in what the Dems will do once they have her under the gun. If they go too nice on her, and don't try to give her the grilling they tried to give Roberts, then suspicions on the Right will heighten that Bush sold us down the river or gave in to cronyism. If, however, they try to crucify her and vote against her, then I will surmise that Harry Reid was being nice, and that the Dems were trying to pull a fast one on us after all.

    Where does the Right fall in all of this?

    Good question.

    I guess we will have to see how they vote now won't we?

    XPOSTED@The MadTech's and Cao's
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