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    This is how I see the American Right, where we stand and what we believe, without the religion tossed in.....YET!!!!

    We are tired of paying high taxes to support the dregs of society....pulling down the cream to raise the dregs is evil and supports laziness and rewards stupidity.

    Work Hard, no one owes you a living, a house or any education beyond basic reading, writing and math. If you want a better lot in life work for it, it is there for the taking IF you have the drive and intelligence.

    We won't let you starve in the streets but don't care if you want to be lazy and live under a bridge.

    If you are truly handicapped we will help you...A lot....but of you try to pull that mental handicap crap you had better be a real good actor or seriously demented. If you are seriously demented and you get violent we lock you up...for life, we don't need violent people wandering around.

    If you commit a crime you go to jail where you will be punished....A lot...we don't need stupid people walking around.

    If you kill someone and it is NOT in self defense you go to jail....we don't need violent people walking around.

    If you do it in a heinous manner we will kill you for it....not only do we want violent people locked up we don't want to house you for the rest of your life at our expense.

    The money we make should be, for the most part, ours.....not the governments to fritter away for more social programs.

    We should have a very secure border, and people that sneak in are criminals and should be bagged and tagged so they can never come back.

    A proactive offense beats the hell out of a reactive defense anyday....reactive defense is for cowards and victims....and we are neither.

    Our money that we pay in taxes should stay at home....countries that get aid from us and hate us anyway should be told to fuck is not our governments job to make sure that people that live under corrupt third world governments and starve are fed.....that is THEIR governments job.

    The UN is an anti-American group and should be tossed out of America and told to shut their useless mouths.

    The ACLU is an evil organization that should be charged as a criminal organization.

    Capitalism is good, socialism is evil.

    The individuals socio-economic mobility is the backbone of a great country, and small business is the backbone of socio-economic mobility.

    Radical environmentalists have done more damage to business in the U.S. than any other single factor and should be taken to task for it.

    The individual should decide how much charity to give, and not money is just that, MINE!!!!

    Rapist, murderers, pedophiles, thieves, drug addicts and whiners are NOT "victims of their misunderstood childhoods"...they are rapists, murderers, pedophiles, thieves, drug addicts and whiners, and with the possible exception of the whiners they should all go to jail for a very long time....except pedophiles.....they should be shot upon conviction.

    Oh yeah....political correctness is bullshit....either grow a thicker skin or go away....sometimes life isn't with it....and you have absolutely NO RIGHT whatsoever to NOT be offended!!!

    Any questions?

    **The above was a comment on another blog. I won't say which one as they deserve no more traffic, and I hate giving them any to begin with. However I stop by there to hone the old talons and it works well. Below is part of a response by them regarding the above statements.**

    From Fr*****: "Kender.....In case you are under the mistaken impression that your fulmination refutes the belief that you are a racist, fascist, sectarian, think again. Thanks for your input. IÂ’m sure we can put it to use as we define the American right."

    **My reply is below, and finally I have shown you, but more importantly myself, once and for all that the people on the other side of the street are indeed non-thinking, brainwashed people that truly wallow in their ignorance. I feel sorry that people such as this are so blinded by their hatred however, it gives me hope that the socialist left is indeed losing power like Dean after his scream.**

    ""Fr***** did what I say show one bit of racism? Or fascism?

    Fascism subjugates the individual in favor of the state.

    Racism is the belief that someone is inherently inferior because of their race.

    I am an individualist. The antithesis of a fascist.

    And unless "STUPID" or "LAZY" is now a race and I missed that memo I utterly fail to see how you can call me a racist.

    I am also not sectarian....the "sect" of success is open to those willing to work for it.

    You people really do not comprehend this do you???

    You honestly do not understand the meanings of the words you throw around and only see what you wish to see in what you read and not the truth, and I cannot believe that people that claim to be educated can read what I wrote and say it is fascist or racist.

    Now I am laughing at you guys.....I have been worried that socialism and EU style policies are a threat to guys aren't a threat, anymore than the dems are a guys are truly brainwashed and nothing more than a joke that neither understands that which you are discussing nor the fact that you are utterly comical in your ignorance.

    Thank you for being so enlightening to me today.......I gave you your rope, and in true idiot fashion, you hung yourselves.""

    Nuff Said!!!!

    Linked at Stop the ACLU
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