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    A tip o' me tam to R'Cat.

    Many people are writing about this today, after all, as Chris Muir pointed out, Kos was supposed to have taken the DLC to task, promising;

    No calls for a truce will be brooked.

    Wow.....a liberal calling for a no surrender fight? How very unfrenchmanlike. Frankly, most of today's liberals calling for war is almost a joke. Even the war of idea's and solutions is being lost by them, but then it is very hard to fight a war without ammunition, and even the libs realize they have nothing left but to throw their empty weapons over their shoulders as they run away.

    If the libs want to take the DLC to task they had better have a better plan than the DLC has right now, which is nothing. They spew such goofy sentences as;

    The right course now is neither to give the terrorists a victory by withdrawing, nor to continue Bush's failed policies.

    Hhhmmm...and exactly what does that mean? Since I have your attention I will proceed to highlight some bits from the "progressive" ideas put forth by the DLC and explain just WHY those ideas are idiotic.

    First bit; (emphasis mine)

    First, we should formally disclaim any interest in permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq;

    Sounds good huh? It will happen. Yes, we are building bases over there, but we aren't going to live in tents for the next few years while we beat back these goat-shagging sheet-heads, and the Iraqi's are gonna need bases eventually.

    clearly shift the primary responsibility of defending the country to the Iraqi military (with embedded Coalition troops), and adopt a joint military strategy based on proven principles of counterinsurgency.

    First off, the Dems understand proven principles of counterinsurgency? I doubt it. I know they understand the French Principle of Counterinsurgency, which is make sure the counter is clean when the insurgents come into your lil' bistro for dinner, but seriously, the next statement shows the idiocy behind their derailed train of thought;

    The last point means abandoning Vietnam-style "search and destroy" missions against the insurgency, and instead focusing on progressively securing territory where reconstruction can proceed and normal civic life can resume.

    Now, let us follow this convoluted line of thinking. Don't chase the "insurgents" down and kill 'em, just keep 'em out of the neighborhoods where you are rebuilding, then move on out of your "secured" territory, to "secure" more territory, and watch the "insurgents", who happen to work at blending in with the local populace, and sometimes ARE the local populace, wander back in to destroy the buildings you just finished, along with killing some civilians and maybe a soldier or a few cops.

    Good plan? HELL NO!!!! You can see from the bit above that the DLC really has no clue who they are dealing with in Iraq, and have their heads firmly implanted in a place of dreams and utopian ideals. It is no coincidence that the liberals dreamland is such a ball of shit, because that is exactly where their heads actually are....up their asses.

    Let us continue with this dissection of the "progressive policy of incompetence" shall we?

    Paragraph two; (again, emphasis mine)

    Second, we should launch a new political strategy aimed relentlessly at winning Sunni support for the new government, and at isolating jihadists.

    First they want to abandon hunting terrorists, now they want to isolate them. The best, proven method of isolation for a terrorist is to isolate them in a hole in the ground, either by chasing them to the ends of the earth and keeping them penned up in a cave or by tossing them in a hole with a load of shrapnel or bullets in them. I prefer the latter method. As for gaining Sunni support for the new government, that will only come over time, as the Sunni's are (rightfully) leery of the Shia's (and after centuries of inter-tribal warfare wouldn't you be? I mean, these people have looooong memories and hold grudges that are generations removed from the offenders), and I am still not convinced that the Shia's won't decide to revive old grievances.

    We still have considerable leverage among Shi'a and Kurdish leaders; we should use it to push for confidence -- building measures like the integration of communal militias into the Iraqi army and police forces; a blanket amnesty for former Baathists not implicated in atrocities; and for intensified talks with Sunnis on supplemental protocols to the proposed constitution that would ensure a viable central government and minority rights.

    As I said above, I am not sure if the Shia's and Sunni's will ever completely get along. But we will see won't we?

    Paragraph Three; (same disclaimer as above)

    Third, we should muster all our diplomatic resources to create a more supportive international environment for the new Iraqi government. It should not be that hard to establish a UN-authorized international contact group to coordinate political support and economic assistance

    This is one of my many MAJOR problems with the DLC, and in fact, the american Left, (at least those in power). They are always ready, willing and able to run to the UN whenever the first little hiccup occurs or they feel that "someone should be in charge".

    They treat the world like 6 year olds, and bow to the UN as the parents of everyone. As for it not being that hard to establish a UN-authorized international contact group? It isn't that hard to get the UN to establish any group.

    It's getting the UN to actually do anything, (except send pedophiles as peacekeepers, or take kickbacks and bribes), that borders on the miraculous.

    So there ya' go KOS, you apparently chickened out, or got too busy rubbin' your nub, or probably realized that to take the DLC to task, (especially in a take no prisoners fashion), that you would be expected to actually have ideas that would work, and realizing that the only ideas that even have a chance of working right now are firmly considered "conservative idea's", you decided to give up and take a drubbing for talking such big shit.

    S'ok though KOS, you can always get a glass belly button or a cranial-rectal-otomy and defect to the side that knows what the hell to do besides whine about it, but then, where would we get our laughs?
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