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    Linked in the title is
    Kit's post at The Wide Awakes.

    Kit started the Guard Our Borders blogburst to point out why we need to secure our borders and to bring more attention to the fact that our borders are basically open.

    She has a story up about 14 illegal immigrants gang-raping a woman in Florida, go rad that.

    Some others in the blogroll to help save our country are:

    The Mary Hunter over at his little slice of correct thinking cyber-heaven. Go read what he has to say about the idiots that opened the floodgates to the American Dream and actually have done more damage with their short-sighted goals and pandering policies. Don't be surprised when you see that the Democrats were behind this one.

    Over at Cao's we get a short reminder that the mexican government publishes comic books on how to sneak into the U.S. Let me ask you, do you really want people coming here, illegally or not, who have the comprehension level it takes to read a comic book? Me either.

    Mustang over at Social Sense has a post up wondering why so many people don't seem to care about our border's security. Damned good question my friend.

    Go visit more of those signed up for this blogburst. At this writing (early AM) many people haven't had time or been awake long enough to get their nickel's worth in yet.

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