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    Linked in the title is a site that you should read. When you read it you will understand that when we lose our guns, our Freedom goes with them.

    Amendment II

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    I have been thinking of the second amendment of the Constitution more than usual lately.

    I will get to what the second amendment really means in a moment, but to lay a foundation for the importance of the second amendment, we must first look at the most likely outcomes of having the second amendment repealed here.

    Stories like this one, and this one are bad enough, showing that gun crimes have gone up in England and Australia since they banned guns, but what should really scare the readers of this article is this story here. The last one tells about the UN wanting to take guns away from every citizen in the world.

    These stories are a few years old, so my more senseless reader's may believe that they no longer apply. "After all", they'll say, "if the UN wanted to take guns they surely would have done it already. I mean, it HAS been four years since they said that."

    The UN does want to take our guns away from us.

    Kat has a great write up about this, and points out very well that the second amendment was meant to protect us from the government, and the ability to protect ourselves from the dregs of society that would prey on us is completely secondary to the purpose of the second amendment.

    I know at the time of the writing of the Constitution and it's amendments that the founding fathers couldn't have foreseen the vicious, violent world we live in, and the thought that criminals would be given such ardent defenders of their actions and that ordinary citizens would be treated as criminals for trying to protect their life and property certainly never crossed their minds. The ideas that have permeated modern society, those like socialism, where the state takes care of you and you are not responsible for your actions, where you need not worry of your fellow citizens because the government was there to save them for you, those ideas would certainly have been abhorrent to those men of self reliance and selfless sacrifice.

    They wrote the second amendment so that the government would think thrice before taking up arms against it citizenry. They, of course, wrote other provisions into those amendments that would keep the government from intruding into our hard won lives and trampling those bled-for rights, like Amendment III and Amendment V, regarding quartering soldiers in one's home and eminent domain.

    Eminent domain has been under attack recently, with the Supreme Court of the United States declaring that it is constitutional for cities to take property from private citizens to build up the economics of their town.

    Private property is one of the great hallmarks of America's system, being able to keep our weapons is another. One of those rights has been seriously eroded by an activist court. How long before they take the next one away even more than it has been already. We have more laws on the books regarding guns that most anything else I believe, some 11 thousand plus the last I read, (can't find that link at the moment), and that hasn't helped crime rates one bit.

    Take a look at this and you will see that the evidence clearly shows that less gun control means less crime.

    But back to that bit about the UN desiring our weapons. The U.S. military is prohibited from being used against U.S. citizens in the U.S., that is why when martial law is declared it is the national guard that goes in.

    Can you imagine if the UN has more power, more sway, and managed to get the U.S. to demand that it's citizens turn in their guns? When we refused the UN would bring in an international coalition of troops to "keep the peace" as U.S. Law Enforcment went about the business of chasing down all of the new "criminals" with guns.

    Article VI of the Constitution lays out the system for making new amendments, and it is a rather lengthy process, so that route, I would have to think, is one that is not worrisome. In other words, an amendment taking our guns would cause one hell of a fight, and may even start another civil war which would, much like the war on terror, have no defined boundaries, since one would be hard pressed to find an area in this country that was devoid of guns and gun owners.

    Of more concern to the country is Connally Reservation, which, in six words, may keep the U.S. from falling to the control of the UN and the International Criminal Court, (ICC).

    Before ratifying the United Nations Charter in 1945, the Senate was wise enough to amend the section dealing with the World Court by barring the Court from jurisdiction over matters which were essentially domestic "AS DETERMINED BY THE UNITED STATES."

    Those six words, authored by Senator Tom Connally (D-Tex), are known as the "Connally Reservation" and are the only thing which COULD prevent the World Court from interfering in American internal affairs on the pretext that our tariffs, immigration laws, school curriculums, etc., affect American relations with other countries and are therefore "foreign" and not "domestic."

    This very well may be the six most important words to ever be written down in this country. People have been trying to get that changed ever since, and it has been claimed that the Connally Reservation is a roadblock to world peace through world law.

    If and when the Connally Reservation is repealed, look for war.

    When that happens they will come for our guns.

    When they have our guns, our Freedom goes with them.

    Linked at Stop The ACLU
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