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    Jack Idema and I are sitting in the lunchroom at Halliburton's HQ (you should see this place.....the cutlery is gold plated, the dishes, which get thrown out after you use them, are the finest china, luxery dining appointments that you wouldn't believe, and everyone gets their own topless waitress to take home........God Bless Government Contracts) the other day discussing an upcoming mission that was assigned to us.

    We gotta dress up like homeless guys and monitor the next major code pinko protest as punishment for using the Bush Hurricane-O-Matic (B.H.O.M.) to chase illegals through the New Mexican Desert with all the lights on while playing the theme from Close Encounters on the loudspeakers.

    Some guys just have no sense of humor.

    Anyway.....who should walk in but Karl Rove. After the entire room jumped up and saluted and watched as Karl used the power of his mind to choke to death a subordinate that saluted too slowly he (Karl) walked over and asked to have a word with us. It seems the democrats are raising more money than we are this election cycle, and Karl asked if we had any fund raising ideas.

    I have a few and want to run them by you guys to see which you would be interested in or which one you think may be a good idea.

    A) Auction off the set from the faked moon landing on eBay

    B) Offer rides on the Bush Hurricane-O-Matic

    C) Fund an expedition to find John Kerry's military records so we could sell them on eBay

    D) Lay claim to the acre of land between Pelosi's eyes and eyebrows and sell advertising.

    The funds raised will be used to pay for a mission to explore hillary's flanks, in an attempt to find a bigger tract of land for the new Git-Mo Resort for Terrorists and WayWard Orphans.

    Please leave your opinions in the comments.
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