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    After Jay from Stop the ACLU wrote this morning about a currency company being raided the Ron Paul Nuts descended on him like a pack of ravenous kooks.

    While I am not going to get involved in the money argument, I do have to back the people that claim that Paul's supporters are, quite frankly, insane. Ron Paul backs an isolationist policy and has said that our foreign policy caused 9-11.

    ON the other hand his statement that he gets his orders from the Constitution is the best thing I have heard a politician utter since Reagan graced the national stage.

    To all you Ron Paul nuts, welcome...comments ARE moderated but will eventually get published when I get back from my weekly meeting with Karl Rove and the rest of the Empire's architects at the Official Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Steakhouse and Bordello, conveniently located at Halliburton HQ, Home of the New and Improved Bush-Hurricane-O-Matic, newly armed with a Seismic Disruptor Ray.
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