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    I am serious.

    Why are we fighting?

    What good is victory?

    Nobody loves a winner, especially a cocky one that has all the advantages, such as a superior military capability, in this instance.

    I am liking the liberals ideas in rooting for the underdog terrorist cells that would gladly kill them too. I mean, if any of them rooting against the troops that protect their homeland are ever captured (and not kidnapped because those guys aren't terrorists but freedom fighters fighting a war) and beheaded I am sure that the last thoughts through their minds won't be "Why the hell did I root for these guys again" but rather "YES!!!! These guys rock with all their beheading of us infidels...I should have converted to isGAAAAKKKKKK........"

    In the same vein of the democrats rooting for an underdog I have a few ideas.

    From now no more Special Olympics. We'll take the Special Olympians and stick them in the regular olympics and then we'll throw sticks at the regular olympians....or make them run through waist deep water.

    In the swimming competition we'll give the handicapped folks a boat and make the regular swimmers wear 30 pound lead helmets.

    I also agree with the liberals idea that people should not feel bad about themselves. Earned self esteem is so isn't actually cheap, because it's earned so it's real, but it cheapens all the talk about how good people are, even when they are lazy no count bastards.

    So from now on we can't talk bad about anyone but white christian males, because it is white christian males that actually run the world.

    SO I have a solution to that too, because I am tired of being a person that oppresses others simply by the fact that I was, in fact, born a white christian male.

    Henceforth I am going to be an African American Lesbian Buddhist with one leg, a stutter and a slight case of downs.

    D-d-d-d-d-d-don't f-f-f-f-f-fuck wit m-m-m-m-m-eeee or mmmmm-m-m-m-my lllllawyer will sssss-s-s-s-sue yo' racist ass!!!!

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