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    Conservatism is to liberalism what AA is to alcoholism.

    Think about it.

    The alcoholic that joins AA often grows a new appreciation for a higher being.

    Conservatives tend to be somewhat religious.

    Alcoholics that join AA spend a lot of their time regretting their past actions and trying to right those wrongs.

    "Neocons" tend to do the same, by getting more politically active and saying "I used to think that way, then I woke up."

    Alcoholics tend to have lots of meetings where they discuss their plans and actions and where to go from here.

    Conservatives do the same. Of course so too do the liberals but those meetings are simply planning how to foment more chaos. In this instance we can equate the meetings of liberal groups to the board meetings of companies that brew alcohol, sitting down to figure out how to push their product on new customers and keep the current ones loyal, and boy have they done that too.

    It's as if the makers of Bacardi had gotten employees with stock options on the school boards and university payrolls across the world to mandate that school kids drink a portion of grog each day, only in this case the disease they are pushing is liberalism, and unlike alcoholism, where someone that wants to drink can drink to their hearts content and not affect me as long as they don't drive drunk or get stupid with someone I care about, liberalism is pushing socialism, with all the inherent theft by mandate that goes with it, and I am going to be stuck with it.

    So I propose a plan.

    Alcoholism is termed a disease. I don't think it is one. I think it's a personal choice for sure, an addiction for some, but not a disease. Nobody chooses to get cancer, but one must choose to drink to excess. But as long as someone wants to claim it's a disease, let's use that to our advantage and get another mental disorder on the books.

    Let's really try to legally make liberalism a disease, and get these people some help.

    I propose an group called, of course, L.A., Liberals Anonymous (which is twice as funny as Los Angeles is one of the hotbeds of liberal thought disorder) and make it much simpler than AA to complete.

    Alcoholics Anonymous has twelve steps to completion. Twelve is a lot. For liberals we need like, oh I don't know, two.

    Step one: Join L.A.

    Step two: Shut Up.
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