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    Listed below are the positions of the current front runner for the Office of President of the United States.

    Abortion: Supports

    Taxpayer support of abortion: Supports

    Embryonic stem cell research: Supports

    Federal marriage amendment: Opposes

    Same-sex domestic partnerships and civil unions: Supports

    Open homosexuals in the military: Supports

    Amnesty for illegal aliens: Supports

    Tough penalties for employers of illegal aliens: Opposes

    Sanctuary cities that ignore immigration law: Supports

    Now looking at that one must wonder why anyone would support Hillary Clinton for President, right? Except these aren't Hillary's positions (well, they are but that's another story), oh no, these positions are the ones taken by Rudy Guiliani, the "conservative" that is the current front runner of the GOP.

    All a conservative can do at this point is shake their heads and say "WTF?" Really....can anyone, ANYONE, point out a difference between hillary and rudy except that rudy looks better in a dress?

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