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    It is time for a little review of the history of the geographical area known as the Southwest of the United States and more specifically, California.

    All claims of "aztlan" made by the violent groups that would try to steal our country from us come from archeological evidence regarding native tribes.....

    Mexico, as a nation, was formed in 1810....before that it was a Spanish Territory.

    Before that it was Aztec, and the Aztecs conquered the territory from Chichimeca, who took it from the Toltec.

    The Aztec Empire
    In the 12th century the Toltec were vanquished and dispersed by the Chichimeca, who took over the Toltec civilization. A century later seven allied Nahuatlan tribes entered the valley from the north, probably coming from areas now in New Mexico and Arizona. In 1325 the Aztec, or Mexica, the leading tribe, founded a settlement named Tenochtitl├ín in an area surrounded by marshes in Texcoco, one of the valley lakes. As the settlement grew, its military strength was increased by the construction of causeways that dammed the waters of the surrounding marshes and made the town a virtually impregnable island fortress. Under Itzcoatl, the first Aztec emperor (1360?–1440), the Aztec extended their influence through the entire Valley of Mexico, becoming the preeminent power in central and southern Mexico by the 15th century. Their civilization, based on that of the Toltec and Chichimeca, was highly developed, both intellectually and artistically. The Aztec economy was dependent

    The Spaniard Cortez, of course, conquered the entire empire because Montezuma thought (naively, stupidly and most comically), that he was the God Quetzalcoatl (the Plumed Serpent). If that isn't comedy nothing is.

    When the Spaniards conquered what would become Mexico, they made rare forays into what is California, New Mexico and Arizona, and when Spain handed California over in 1821 California didn't hear about it until 1822, and when they did they switched flags and went on with things as normal.

    In fact, Mexico didn't even send a governor to California until 1825, they cared so little about it, and in the 24 years that Mexico was in charge of California they spent a great deal of time getting chased out of town by the "Californios", the upper crust of the Spanish and Castillan elite that continued to live and run California after Spain surrendered.

    When the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, ending the war with Mexico, they ceded land in exchange for an end to hostilities and 15 million dollars in payments for damage.

    That 15 million must look like small change now.

    The fact of the matter is that Mexico has never been able to govern itself, much less even more territory, and has an embedded culture of corruption. The vast majority of the citizenry is "Mestizo", a mix of native and spanish, and their claims to any land through archeology rings hollow, as it is law, not buried trinkets and broken pottery that decides who owns what.

    Before the Mexican war settlers from America were settling in Texas, a part of Mexico, although a disputed part. The fact of the matter is that land you cannot control you do not own, and that is the crux of the entire criminal alien situation.
    If we cannot control our land, and enforce our laws, we won't own this land.

    Roger D. McGrath's article on this very subject is well worth the price.

    [By the Louisiana Purchase, Texas had become a part of the United States; but in 1819 it had been ceded to Spain in the negotiations for Florida. Two years later Mexico, including Texas, had become independent, and the United States made two unsuccessful attempts to purchase Texas from Mexico. The settlement of Texas by immigrants from the United States finally led to the secession of Texas and its annexation by the United States, with the result that the Mexican War broke out in May, 1846. It was closed by this treaty, by which the United States gained not only Texas but New Mexico and Upper California.]

    This brings up a very valid point. If we do NOT control our lands, enforce our laws and secure our border we will lose it.

    What remains to be seen is will we lose it by inaction, corruption and political cowardice?

    Or will we lose it in bloodshed?

    The former is a distinct possibility, the latter won't happen.

    If the former comes to pass I will be at a loss for words. If the latter comes to pass many, many people will die, martial law will be imposed and Mexico itself will become a part of the United States.

    We cannot afford the latter, so we had better speak up and make sure the former doesn't happen either.

    source, source 2,
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