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    How about Criminals Wrong?

    Let's get one thing straight from the get go here, folks. This is a nation of Laws, and we have Laws to codify procedures and policies into a unified code of rights and responsibilities to help in keeping order and to make life equatable for all.

    "Equality before the law" does not mean that equal treatment trumps the law, but rather that all are equal in the eyes of the law.

    There are laws in place for those that wish to come to the United States, whether they wish to visit or seek employment, there are laws in place for those reasons, and when those laws aren't followed by all it is unfair to those that do follow the laws, as they are placed under a different set of rules than those that don't follow the laws, and that creates inequality before the law, which is the antithesis of the system to which our country adheres.

    The invasion of over 10 million criminals that have flouted our laws is a travesty of the highest order, and our governments refusal to stem this flow of criminals is an unconsionable act of betrayal on the order of treason in the highest regard. The "sanctuary policies" of many major cities that prohibit our police forces from capturing and handing over criminal aliens to the federal authorities are unconstitutional, as they give unequal protection to an entire class of criminals, protections that law-abiding, legal citizens do not enjoy.

    If the hordes of people that stream across our unprotected southern border every single day were in uniform and armed our government, one would hope, would be standing strong, ready to repel the invasion of a hostile force, but instead our government undermans the border and turns a blind eye to the millions of people in this country working illegally, placing undue burdens on our infrastructure and education and healthcare systems.

    Thousands of people are protesting today due to several bills in the government that may get passed soon. Millions of AMERICAN CITIZENS should be out to counter these criminal aliens and their supporters, but probably won't go out to do that, for several reasons.

    One is the vast majority of Americans are leaving it to someone else to do. Another reason is that most Americans, I believe, either think that the government simply will be forced to do something about the flood of criminal aliens or that, more likely, it is a lost cause. I know several people that refuse to go because of the very real possibility of violence occurring. The Brown Berets, MEChA and other latino nationalist groups are notoriously violent and unbelievably racist, and it is a dangerous thing to go to a protest to exercise your first amendment rights when you are outnumbered by angry violent groups of people that will attack you when you counter them with the truth of the situation.

    The truth of the situation is this:

    People that sneak into this country are criminals, and the American people simply want our laws enforced. We don't care where you come from, what color your skin is or what language you speak when you get here, we only ask that you come here legally and assimilate.

    Become an American.

    Not a "mexican-american", or a "french-american" or any other hyphenated american, but simply an American, with a love of Freedom, a desire to live in peace and a willingness to work hard for what you desire and accepting of the personal responsibility that goes along with that Freedom.

    Realize that the reason you come here is because this is the greatest country on the planet right now, and living here is a privilege, even for a citizen that is born here, and it carries with it great responsibility.

    We are only as strong as our weakest link, and if our weakest link is a class of people that won't assimilate and don't work towards furthering the greatness that this experiment in self governance has carried forth for almost 230 years, then we must remove that part of the chain, for that is no longer part of a chain that links us to the past and anchors us in Freedom, but becomes the heavy chain around our neck that will eventually choke the life from us and drag us down to the depths of history, leaving us as nothing more than yet another history lesson that men cannot govern themselves and must be under the oppresive and heavy hand of an elite few that knows what is best for all of us.

    That is not the America I believe in.

    I hope it isn't the America you believe in either.
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