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    Here we go again. A baby in the UK is deemed worthy of life for right now. I find it odd that little Charlotte's life wasn't as valuable as this child- who has a much worse condition. The condition isn't going to cause death and it isn't going to mean he spends the rest of his life in pain and discomfort.

    The parents of a severely disabled baby boy at the centre of a right-to-life case have thanked the judge for ruling that he should be kept alive.

    They were fighting a hospital's bid to turn off the ventilator that keeps the child, known only as Baby MB, alive.

    Maybe the judges over in Britain aren't as barbaric as I thought. Obviously there are some who can see through the lies and tall tales - the creeds of the culture of death.

    The 19-month-old boy has genetic condition spinal muscular atrophy - which leads to almost total paralysis.

    The judge said he felt the child gained enough pleasure from life to outweigh the medical evidence of his condition.

    Lots of people live with total paralysis. LOTS. And they live life with dignity and are able to participate in many things. (Think...Christopher Reeves) Just because has this condition doesn't mean they should die.

    In an exclusive BBC interview the child's mother said: "I really thank the judge for coming to that decision."

    His father said Mr Justice Holman was right to rule the ventilator that keeps the baby alive should not be switched off.

    During the case at the High Court in London, Baby MB's mother described how he responded to certain cartoons, such as Shrek and Finding Nemo - but did not appear to like the news or Eastenders.

    Responses such as these indicate the baby can see and hear, obviously. This child is not "suffering" from a brain disorder (AKA brain dead...)

    But a total of 14 medics, including two independent doctors called by the parents, told the hearing his quality of life was so poor he should be allowed to die.

    Doctors argued the invasive ventilation which is keeping the child alive is likely to be uncomfortable, with one saying he felt the child had an "intolerable life".

    Baby MB, from the north of England, cannot breathe unaided and is almost totally paralysed. He also cannot chew or swallow.

    He suffers from the most severe form of spinal muscular atrophy and has lived in a high dependency unit in hospital since he was seven weeks old.

    His parents want him to have a tracheotomy ,which could make long-term ventilation easier, so he is able to leave his hospital bedroom and explore the grounds, albeit with the assistance of medical staff.

    The inital ventilation will be uncomfortable, but that eases with time. Not being able to eat, to chew and swallow is typical of those who are paralyzed. It isn't a reason to allow him to die. High dependency unit?? Guess that's the kind of place I work as we deal with some children with this DX. It's completely managable and these kids grow up to be happy, cooperative members of society.

    Giving his judgement, Mr Justice Holman did not dispute the medical evidence, and said Baby MB would not experience simple childhood pleasures, such as taking his first steps or the "rough and tumble" of playing with other children.

    But the judge said he was not unconscious and was capable of bonding with his family.

    He said Baby MB could probably see, hear and feel - taking pleasure from the eight or nine hours his family spend with him each day.

    Justice Holman said: "It must be assumed that he processes all of those sights and sounds like any child of his age and gains pleasure from them."

    I want to meet this judge. He is wise and smart and doesn't succomb to the Death Culture's claws. I respect this- when a person can see through the crap.

    He added: "No court has yet been asked to approve, against the will of parents, the withdrawal of life support with the inevitable and immediate death of a conscious child with sensory awareness and cognition, and no significant evidence of brain damage."

    WOW. I wonder how the COD is reacting to this.
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