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    A good friend reminded me of this old saying and I must say it bears keeping in mind, folks.

    Revolution is increasingly appearing to be our only way out of the ever devolving socialist quagmire we have fallen into, and I may very well be arrested as a terrorist or worse for saying so, but there ya' go.

    Someone has to say it.

    Our government is selling us out at the threat of violence by factions of criminal aliens, and it is only this threat of a major uprising, whether real or perceived, that is making our elected officials kowtow to interests that would reward law breakers at the expense of American citizens.

    Your rights are being trampled by the open borders lobby, MEChA, the Brown Berets and every other damned socialist group out there.

    They protest in huge numbers, often becomeing violent, which causes peaceful, law abiding American Citizens to stay away from these protests.

    These people, the protesters, are also not working.....people that have jobs don't have the time to go protest, as they would lose their jobs were they to walk out to demand that our government do something as simple as enforce our laws.

    You aren't supposed to have to march in the streets to make your government enforce the laws. Instead of enforcing those laws they are rewriting them to cover up and remedy their malfeasance from not enforcing them the first time around. Instead of enforcing those laws they are making new ones that take away the consequences of breaking those laws.

    Instead of enforcing those laws they are selling out our sovereignty to low wage labor and socialism, open borders and big business.

    Once, our children would get jobs in the local fast food place when they were young, entering the work force and learning how to be a productive citizen. In many major cities that no longer happens. Those jobs have been taken up by middle age immigrants, most often criminal immigrants, that don't see them as a stepping stone to another job but rather as a career.

    These immigrants bundle together with many families to one house, contributing to over crowding of our schools and send BILLIONS of dollars back home to their countries, billions that is then out of our economy.

    The tension in some parts of this country is almost palpable, and most of it is racially charged.

    Recently economists in the New York Times and another lib rag debunked the myth that cheap criminal labor is needed for this country to thrive. source. Add in the fact that 80% of this country DEMANDS that our government do something about illegal immigration, and handing out amnesty is not what they had in mind, and you can see the recipe for disaster that is brewing. This country is a country of laws, and our laws are not being followed, and indeed are being rewritten to reward those that break our laws.

    Don't let the pressure up folks.

    Keep calling your represenatives.

    Swamp their offices with your faxes and emails, calls and letters.

    Make your voices heard, people, for if you don't make them heard now, peacefully, I promise you that someday we will have to make them heard the old fashioned way....with a bang.
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