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    The husband from hell is BACK once again- he made so much money on the death of his wife, he wants to make sure he helps others do the same.

    Schiavo, whose effort to end life support for his brain-damaged wife divided a nation, is starting a political action committee that will challenge candidates based on where they stand on government's reach in private lives.

    Nine months after a fierce political and legal fight over Terri Schiavo, Michael Schiavo said his experience with political leaders "has opened my eyes to just how easily the private wishes of normal Americans like me and Terri can be cast aside in a destructive game of political pandering."

    Schiavo described himself as a lifelong Republican "before Republicans pushed the power of government into my private family decisions."

    Well Michael, had there not been so many questions raised by nursing staff who overheard your nasty remarks all the time, people would have trusted your motives. Had you not spent all the money marked for Terri's REHAB on yourself and your NEW family, people would have trusted your motives. Had you not been so evasive and just allowed those tests to be performed on Terri, people would have trusted your motives. I have to ask you Michael:HOw much money are you getting paid to take on such an endeavor? And who is behind this? It doesn't take even an idiOt to figure this out.

    The political action committee, TerriPAC, will raise and spend money on Florida candidates as well as those running for Congress. Terri Schiavo suffered a brain injury in 1990 that left her in what some doctors called a "persistent vegetative state." Her parents sought to keep her feeding tube in place while her husband pushed to have it removed, citing her wishes and setting off a bitter court battle.

    Congress, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and his brother, President Bush, all tried to have the feeding tube reinserted. Schiavo died on March 31.

    I can imagine how Terri must feel about this. To know her name is being used to further promote the culture of death...
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