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    The Democrats want everyone to think THEY have THE solution for the illegal immigration crisis.They have new ideas and fresh thought...yeah right! Their plan amounts to nothing more than total amnesty for those who are here illegally.

    The Democratic National Committee insisted Saturday that efforts to secure the nation’s borders shouldn’t shut out an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants and their families already living in the U.S.

    Typical for the Democrats. Take what is illegal and just make it legal. Change the rules of the game.

    The DNC wrapped up its fall meetings in Phoenix by unanimously passing three resolutions related to illegal immigration, showing clearer unity on the issue than sharply divided Republicans.

    The main document calls for more effective border security but also says immigration reform should allow illegal workers to "earn the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship."

    The DNC stance echoes bipartisan legislation cosponsored by Sens. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass, and John McCain, R-Ariz., as well as House Republicans Jeff Flake and Jim Kolbe, both of Arizona. That plan would allow immigrants who pay a $2,000 fine and back taxes to eventually seek permanent residency.

    Uh huh...doesn't it always come down to paying money for freedom? The Democrats will use this issue and make money and votes off of it. They could care less if some of these illegals are here to harm America. They could care less about the resources being suckered up and taken away from Americans.

    Dean suggested Bush wants to round up and deport all illegal immigrants. In truth, the Bush plan would allow a guestworker program. But immigrants would have to return to their home countries when their work visas expire after six years.

    Dean is stupid. But I wish he was right about what the Bush plan calls for. We should round and deport every illegal in the country. Plain. Simple.

    A second resolution adopted Saturday condemns a proposed Colorado constitutional amendment that would deny illegal immigrants access to all nonemergency government services not mandated by federal law. The Colorado proposal was inspired by Arizona’s Proposition 200, which state voters approved in 2004 by a wide margin.

    This is a joke. There isn't much that isn't mandated by federal law...any hospital that gets federal money has to accept patients, regardless of their national origin or alien status. Same with welfare. Same with most social programs.

    The third resolution condemned as vigilantes civilian anti-immigration groups such as the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

    The Democrats hate all who defend America- be them soldiers or peaceful border guards.

    The DNC's Press Release about Illegal Immigration

    Tom Tancredo:
    We all watched President Bush' speech in Tucson last Monday with high hopes. Much of his rhetoric was on target. But when he says border security must go hand in hand with comprehensive immigration reform, he has it exactly backward. His proposal includes an amnesty for the 10 million to 15 million illegal aliens already in our country, and that step will render any new border security effort useless and laughable.

    In 1986, Congress passed a general amnesty for more than 2 million illegal aliens on the promise that border security would be achieved and laws against employment of illegal workers would be enforced. Neither of those promises was kept, and the Congress will not be tricked a second time.

    Any honest and sensible immigration reform must start with border security and interior enforcement. When those two things are achieved, we can debate what kind of new temporary worker program makes the most sense.

    But until we have actually demonstrated that we have achieved border security and enforcement of our laws, it is dishonest to propose another amnesty as a solution.
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